It’s Eliot Day.

It’s Tuesday morning, nearly 1am here on Christmas Eve and that means one thing in this family.

Eliot Gray’s birthday. 

Holy awesome cake day! We’re excited!

Stoked source

There’s going to be food and fun and cake and cars!  The cars are mostly for Eliot.


Look at that face. Seriously.


I threw three miles on the treadmill tonight and it felt SO GOOD.  Oh man.  I can’t WAIT to run tomorrow and I may not even have time. But I think after the party I will try and do even just a mile.  Just.a.mile.

Running motivation


Sean and I leave for our trip on Friday.  FRIDAY.  Holding my breath.  Not really.  We are heading WEST.  I’m pretty sure the person we are going to see does not read so I’m fairly safe to throw a few things out there but to be on the safe side…no info.  🙂  I’m pretty excited though.  It’s probably obvious we’re heading West.  Everything East is under ice.  Geez.

Travel does the <3 good! I'm so thankful for the opportunities this time in England has given us.


I shopped at Kohls tonight at 10:30pm.  I’m going to be honest, I don’t love that the stores stay open so late (on behalf of the employees) but I do love they stay open so late because it’s the best time to shop sometimes.  Man, I get a lot done at that hour.  It’s a conundrum.  One that I feel guilty about.

I’m sure my family loves it (sarcasm) but trust me…there were 1,000 people there with me.  LOL.  I was pretty safe.  It was crazy!  They were all incredibly nice considering they were either shopping or working at that hour.

The Kohls employee gave me the discount my phone couldn’t seem to pull up because I gave her some banking advice about the Target issue.  Bonus~

On that note:  If you have shopped at Target I hope you are an online banking customer so you can daily monitor your activity on your account.  This helps you recognize anything abnormal that may come through and catch it that much faster.  You can always just have your bank cancel your card and order you a new one if this eases your mind and I know most if not all banks are offering to do this anyway.  I shop at Target all the time and I’m just going to monitor my account.  Carefully.  My bank is also monitoring our customers accounts for any abnormal activity so we can attempt to catch anything illegal early.  Hopefully with everyone diligent we can forestall disaster.


Have a GREAT DAY, enjoy your holiday and do what makes you happy.

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