Birthday/holiday recap in photos.



Regina and I just hangin’ out in the kitchen.  Because it’s more delicious there…isn’t she cute? I love her.


Montana baking cookies to replace the ones he ate…


My Shaughnessy.  Could she BE any more beautiful? (channeling Chandler) Eliot took this.  He’s a genius at three.


Eliot, giving me a “cheese” smile.


Opening his farmhouse.  I think it was a success. 

I ask him all the time, “who loves you Baby?”

He looks at me and gets a mischievous grin as he says, “MOMMA”.

Okay, that’s fair. “Who ELSE loves you?”

Then he looks around and thinks and then says the first name that comes to mind.



Papa Sean!


Never does he ever say “Babe”.

Little stinker knows full well what he’s doing because he laughs the whole time.

He’s so pretty. I’m a sucker for a pretty face.


Tonight I’m doing laundry and packing.  Getting ready to run on the treadmill for my sanity.  I’m not excited yet but I’ll get there after I pack.

I look forward to being stress free Saturday afternoon.  😉

Repin if you got your run in today. #inspiration #motivation #nike

This is my favorite new motivation.  I’m using it as my mantra right now.

Run on and take charge of your own day. 

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  1. OMG, that baby is sooo cute. I guess at three he is not a baby, but he is to me. Oh have a wonderful trip and keep in touch. I will be thinking about you all weekend.

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