Take a deep breath…

The holidays are over and now…now???

Happy Day after Christmas!  I hope everyone had a great holiday with the appropriate amount of joy, food and company~

Tuesday we had birthday joy!!!

Pictures to come later tonight when I’m not on my work computer.

Christmas was fun, too, but I’m short on time so I’ll chat about what’s important.

Sean and I are leaving TOMORROW.  Yeah, I’m not stressed yet.  ::outrightlie::

I was up until 1am getting a hotel and rental car.  I just haven’t had two seconds to do it before now and it takes SO LONG to find a decent hotel.   Really, as long as they have wi-fi I’ll be pretty happy. And free parking…man.  Parking is crazy expensive.

Today I just want to run. I’m pretty over going to bed at 1am.  I am TIRED. 

I found an awesome inspiration quote to post, but my computer won’t let me.  So…later. 

 Have a beautiful day after the holidays and RELAX.  Relax.  Frankie says Relax…