Ready for #13!

It’s late, we’re in our hotel room and I’m ready to run first thing in the morning.

Rain or shine, ready or not.

I still can’t say where I am, but I swear I will.  Sunday.  Sunday I’ll give you all the details of this great adventure!

We scoped out the start (it’s supposed to be difficult to find) so we would know where we were going.  Then we headed to Trader Joe’s for some bread and cheese and munchies for the morning.

Sourdough and Havarti.  Oh my.  I am in heaven.

$.17 bottles of water.  Yes please.

Oh man. The perfect snack.  I don’t usually eat cheese anymore, it’s on the migraine list.  But my head has hurt all day long and drugs were not super helpful.  So what the hell?  Be wild.  Tonight it seems better and I’m going to bed “early” so I will have plenty of opportunity to rest it before tomorrow.

So far everything has fit into place SO beautifully we are having an amazing  time.   I’m a little nervous of the crash.  But instead, I’m choosing to be happy and take each moment as wonderful as it promises.


Here’s a teaser.  This is our hotel.

Yes, it’s just as incredible as it looks.  Possibly more so.  Built in 1915, it is dripping with charm and history. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.


adventure #quote

Yes,  let’s.

Run on and find an adventure.  You will be better for it.  

Edited to add:

I can do hard things


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