#13 DONE.

And did I go out with a bang.  Holy smokes.

MT always says I’m a badass so after I bailed from the freezing cold in early December I was not feeling so…badass.

But after this race that has all changed.  I feel like I just ran 26 miles instead of 13.  That sucker was HARD.  And, let’s be clear, there was equal parts hiking/running.  It was a trail race in the truest sense of the word.

We would all, as a group, run the flats, run the downhills and together come to a slow walk and push ourselves up the hills.

But I never ran out of energy.  I never felt like I just couldn’t go any further.  And I finished strong.

This was not a race for a PR, this was just a run to finish.  And man, it was killer.  I’m feeling it in my quads, my butt, my knees.  There is pain there.

But I loved it, too.  It is SO beautiful here and the race people did themselves proud by putting on an awesome race.

On a side note:  it was SO cold at the start (only like 35*, hello what is wrong with me?) my feet went straight to hurting.  It took until mile 4 or 5 before they stopped.  I can’t stand it when my feet are cold.  It takes all thought away from everything and puts it on that.  Sean took his shoes off and put his feet on top of mine.  Saved me for sure.  It was SO much better.

I can’t wait to tell you all about it but now I have to shower so I stop offending my poor husband.

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