Sweet List <3

I thought I’d do a quick sweet list.  Just a basic one, to remind us.

1.  Adventures.

2.  Sourdough and Havarti.  *melt* I could make that two, pretty easily.

3.  GPS.  Life is better with it.

4.  The MOST beautiful hotel with the kindest people.

5.  Finishing my tasks at work.  Mostly.

6.  Heat.   I’m currently freezing.  See what I do for you guys??  ~I need sweatpants for sure~

7.  MT, because he is awesome.

8.  Cake.  Love it.  At home I have an entire cake on the counter.  *sob*

9.  I’m typing this on Sean’s computer and I’d like to add a fabulous keyboard to the list.  It’s so quiet!  My computer is VERY loud to type on and I’m an “angry typist”. Note to check this before I buy the next one.

10.  Gummi Bears.  Oh my gosh the gummi bears.  I’ve lived on them for days.

11.  Christmas Eve service, candlelight and friends.

12.  The fun of choosing new things to do  (races in 2014!).

13. Finishing your goals.