San Francisco Baby!

It has my heart.  It always has.

Right after Sean.  He’s pretty amazing.

I know Ya’ll are thinking…didn’t she just GO to San Francisco?  Yes.  Yes I did.  But I had a few things leaning me this way. There are not a lot of half marathons in December anywhere so my choices were limited and this race took me super close to Miss Monica Sue.  My darling friend who lives close enough to San Francisco to drive up and see me.  So I messaged her sweet daughter, Olivia, and hooked us all together to surprise the girl.  It was a GREAT surprise. Also…I love San Francisco and always feel a little like I’m coming home when I come here.  Sean is the same way.

So…a short update and I’ll try and post photos and such soon.  We have so many plans for today and probably won’t get any of them done.  But it’ll be fun trying!


I ran the Brazen New Year’s Eve Half Marathon just outside Hayward, California.


This sucker killed me.  It was a true trail race.  Crazy ass hills.  Being from Colorado, you would think I would have kicked ass on those puppies.

Nope.  It was serious hard.  They were incredible hills.



That is the tiniest photo ever.  But you get the gist…


I’ve never done a trail race before but I do know from everything I’ve read that you are generally not in it for a PR.  Unless you are one of those crazy people that run up Pikes Peak.  So I had no problem with walking/hiking up the hills.  And yes, there was hiking.  I had a terrible finish time but I am completely okay with it.  I not only lived through that but ran as much as I could and finished with energy so… there you go.   2:47:48.  Nearly three hours.  Over a half hour past my average pace.  


But the scenery was INCREDIBLE and so amazing to run through.  Sean is sleeping and I have no access to photos right now (it’s his computer…) so I’ll post some as soon as I can.  I have great photos.


Details soon.