So much to say…

I have to break this up or you guys will be SO sick of reading this long post.

I didn’t have a lot of choices after my Dec 7th debacle (remember the race that wasn’t) so I had to find another that was going to be warm.  This meant South or West.  Well South fell under ice and that left West.  This left San Diego, Portland, San Francisco (technically…Hayward) and just doing a virtual race.  I couldn’t make up my mind and lost the chance at Portland and San Diego.  They sold out.  Still waffling (I really wanted a new floor…LOL), Miss Michelle talked me into it.

I think she knows I’m a nomad at heart.  I finally decided to go.  I love San Francisco so much.  My mom is from there and my darling friend Monica is from the area so I knew I’d get to see her.  It worked out perfectly.

We caught an afternoon flight on Friday and checked into our Priceline hotel.  I haven’t ever done Priceline before.  I’ve done Expedia and had “eh” results.  I have called hotels directly and had great results.  This time I had no idea where the race was so I did Priceline so I would get a hotel somewhat close to the race.  There wasn’t really a ~I need a cheap hotel~ plan, it was more ~I have no idea where I’m going~ plan.  But a bargain was good, too.

I bargained myself right into a 4.5 star hotel for $90 a night.  Holy cow.  It was incredible.
We got a room at the Claremont Hotel Club & Spa.

Let me say this again.  incredible.  INCREDIBLE.

The most beautiful hotel I’ve ever seen.  It was a castle.
I took some rather borderline photos this morning on my way to the treadmill so my camera didn’t like the morning light.  I’m posting them anyway.


There was another doorway just like this right behind me.  And the desk for the desk clerks was one of those long wooden elegant desks.  So beautiful.


Seriously…this is probably one third of the hotel.



I know.  It just looks like a hallway. But it’s so pretty!


Yep.  Even the doorway was pretty.  Note the number.  331.  Look at all those 3’s and 1’s.  They know me well.

So even though it was incredibly inexpensive…we paid just as much in tips and parking by the end of the trip.    I’m not sure Sean loved it as much as I did, but doesn’t every girl imagine herself a bit of a princess?  Just for a little bit.  It was just so beautiful.  I’m so glad we can say we did it at least one time  in our lives.  It was so worth it.

You should have SEEN the TREADMILL!!!!

I could die.

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  1. OH!!!, It was the CLAREMONT! That is a very well known hotel in northern CA and a very ritzy one. Been around forever, as you know. How exciting to stay at the Clarement! I well remember it from my CA days, I remember driving past it and knowing I would never be able to stay there. How incredible that you got to stay at the Claremont.

  2. I’m so glad you know it!!! It took my BREATH away! Oh man it was so pretty. I could have written SO much about it. Oh the history. Totally worth the weekend stay just to experience it. Beautiful. Walking around Berkeley. Everything.

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