Happy New Year!

Okay, I’m a little late on this but I really wanted to pass on some good wishes anyway.

Wishes for blessings…

Wishes for peace….

Wishes for a year of good choices, little stress, no regrets, happy moments and always great memories…

Happy New Year background with gold clock


I’m trying not to overwhelm you guys with photos and details but it’s really hard to condense this so I’ll make this two posts but on the same day.  That way you can skip around whatever you want to.

Sunday in San Francisco…

First thing in the morning I headed down to use the treadmill.  Oh man.  Let me tell you…that thing was amazing.  If I could take it home in my pocket.  It had this HUGE screen on it that was a television, internet interface.  Everything was touchscreen and you could always see your stats or you could hide them.  It had knobs on the side to increase your speed and the same for your incline.


I fell in love immediately.  I ran a quick three miles…

Okay, you caught me.  I ran a slow easy three miles. Just trying to keep my legs happy after the previous day’s half marathon.


After that we headed in to town on the Bart so we could meet and surprise Miss Monica.  Her and I have been friends since we lived in Germany which was so.many. years ago.  She was pregnant with her Olivia when I met her.  Olivia is now 22 (gasp).  Monica’s birthday is Dec 30th so I thought a birthday surprise was in order for sure.  I contacted Olivia and then Mike and he arranged the whole thing.  Thanks Mike! ::waves to Mike::

We met them in a Starbucks where they stopped to “use the restroom”.  I came around the corner and Miss Monica turned and saw me and got a look on her face that said ~of course you’re here~.  It was pretty cute.  They brought nearly the whole family with them and oh my gosh the little girls….they are the sweetest.  Just missing Daryll, Monica’s oldest.  He’s in school in Idaho.


Right after I took this, Emma asked if anyone had their eyes closed.  She did… 🙁

We immediately went and grabbed lunch and from there walked down to Pier 39 to check out the shops.

Okay, let’s just get right down to it.  My goal was a “bucket o’ donuts”.  Monica swore by them and as soon as I heard the name…I was in. 

They were fresh right at that moment, hot, melt in your mouth delicious and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.  I could die they were so good.  And this on the heels of the ice cream we ate on our way there.

I’m no amateur.

It was an awesome day of watching the kids play, shopping in tourist shops, checking out the street vendors and just enjoying the company.  Oh…and eating.  Let’s not forget that.


Monica and Mike…


Incredible Christmas tree, it was so beautiful just perched there in the middle of Pier 39 that we took advantage with photos.





We went back to the hotel and ate in the restaurant there (it was…not great but that’s to be forgotten) and watched a movie.  It was a WONDERFUL day with friends and I’m so grateful to Mike for putting it all together.


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  1. Those little girls are not so little anymore. Good grief, they have grown like weeds.
    Looks like a wonderful trip, great pictures, wish I had been there. Can’t believe you stayed at the Claremont, how fun!

    1. Hi Emma! Thanks for popping in! You should so visit. Every time I go I think of a million things I wish I could fit in to the schedule. And it’s always a little…wow….I’m in San Francisco. Like it’s not real.
      I love it so much.

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