The secret is out…

Happy birthday to Sean!!

It’s Sean’s birthday and we are going for pie with the family later.  It’s also like…10*…with a negative wind chill.  Awesome. (Hey…it’s totally worth it.  It’s just cold).

Having a beer at the airport on our way home from the city.
Having a beer at the airport on our way home from the city.

And the secret is out…Sean really is a nut.

And here’s a little taste of his secret personality…


I know, right?  I live with it but those people that don’t see it all the time are shocked to know there’s a crazy guy hiding in there.


I drove through a blizzard yesterday to get my hair done.  Yes. Yes, that’s true.  Because getting in to see Miss Anna is near impossible and I was pretty overdue.  She said she doesn’t know anyone else who’s hair grows as fast as mine does.  She has to cut over an inch from just six weeks.  Crazy.  Totally worth the drive.

But it was SO cold, and it was SO snowy…

I stopped on the way back at Off Broadway Shoes.

and I bought snowboots.

Hear that Mom??  Snowboots.

Bjorndal Joey Black Boots, size 11, Rack Room Shoes

I think that’s the first pair of snowboots I’ve owned since I was 15.  I just wanted some warm fuzzy boots I can wear with leggings and such and I can wear them to work.

My feet hurt all the time and I’m so over that.  I don’t wear stilettos and I don’t buy cheap shoes but still…my feet hurt.  So I figure fluffy flat boots with leggings have got to be nothing but comfort, right?  I’m goin’ with that.


Miss Reggie leaves tomorrow morning for Thailand.  She’ll be gone for 15 months.  FIFTEEN MONTHS!   It’s so hard for me to believe she’s been my friend for less than a year.  It was meant to be.

What the hell are we all going to do?  We collectively love her.  Ugh.  Sadness all around.  We’ll be counting the days.


Yesterday I posted about women and our tendency to do too much, not ask for help and become over stressed.  I feel like maybe I should clarify this, I’ll probably just repeat myself.

When my supervisor said those words to me (paraphrasing, she said she does all her own work and never ever asks for help.  No matter how stressed she gets she wouldn’t ever ask for help and she always gets her work done)…I felt completely inadequate.

I’m twice her age (Pretty sure I’ve been married as long as she’s been alive) and have reached that place where I DO think it’s okay to ask someone to assist and not feel like I’m less….everything.  I still had that moment. And clearly it bothered me as it was two weeks ago and I have it on my mind.

Logic says… I don’t work full time.

Right there.

She gets two and a half hours extra a day to do her work.  And sometimes she works a Saturday for overtime.  Saturdays must be gold.  All that quiet time…undisturbed.

It makes so much sense.

And yet here I am, wondering why I’m exhausted from doing it all.  

This is why logic and wisdom have to be forced through the nonsense.  You have to make sure you recognize … hmm…your limitations? In a sense, yes.  We all know you CAN do it, accept that you aren’t willing to give yourself high blood pressure for it.

Like moms that spend 24 hours on just their kids.  Something has to give.  Take a little time for you and delegate.  It will totally pay off in the end.


A little motivation for you…

Test My Fitness - set a benchmark in winter to improve by summer!

Run on…and if it’s -20*…make it on the treadmill.  Yikes that’s cold.

4 Replies to “The secret is out…”

  1. Happy birthday Sean! 🙂 And glad you got some boots finally! Those are important for someone who gets cold feet! 🙂

    1. Such a happy purchase. My feet are constantly thanking me. I was out in the snow last night digging out the kennel to make a home for the puppy and I was so grateful for those darn boots!

      Damn. Why do mothers always have to be right?

  2. Happy birthday to Sean. Hope he got our card and gift, let me know. Glad you finally got snow boots, all my nagging finally paid off, lol.

    1. Hi Mom! Yes, Sean got your card and gift, too. The gift came first and we guessed it was from you. Thanks! I’ll email you!

      And yes…the nagging paid off. Grumble….

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