Complete and utter random.

A little selfishly…I’m posting photos for my kid.  Being deployed, he misses the holidays, to include his dad’s birthday.  So I grabbed some photos for Alex and figured I’d post them.  Not really running or exercise related but then…I do stray, don’t I?


Shaughnessy, Eliot and Adam.  They don’t love it but do it for me anyway.


Eliot…LOOKING sweet.  Don’t be fooled.  What a day he was having.  Enter the exhausted parents…


That picture really does say it all, doesn’t it?  haha.


How many people does it take to put a coat on a three year old?  Apparently at least 2…


Sean and MT.  Being awesome.

Okay, all done.  Thanks for your patience!


  • This was a rough day.  I got yelled at by a customer, I didn’t finish my work and the dog left a few presents at home for us to clean up.  So not fun.
  • The Jeep slid into a curb on Saturday and knocked it out of alignment and now I have to take it to get it repaired.  In my spare time… *read that with sarcasm*
  • Pretty excited to order a new floor for my living room. In my spare time… *read that with sarcasm*
  • On that note…every time I write “living room” it yells at me that it’s two words.  I want it to be one word.  Geez that’s irritating.
  • Sean says to be a rebel and make it one word but I choose my rebelliousness carefully and that’s just not the time for it.  Rule follower it is.  Living room. *sigh*
  • Sean is finishing up the shampooing of the dog’s “gift”.  I can’t even say that with sarcasm.  I’m just depressed about it. Darn pup.  Good husband though.
  • I would just die for a cookie right now.
  • I miss my son.
  • Stop the presses…MT is doing his Calculus.
  • I’m still working on my resolution list.  I should have it ready to go by 2015 for sure.  Anyone else?

Love the Run!

Run on.  For your mental health.