Resolutions. Goals? Attempts…

Every year I think about whether or not I’m going to have resolutions. I’m not one of those hard core “I MUST write a list and I MUST work hard on these resolutions!” people.

Instead, I just put together a list of what I think are realistic improvements? Hm.  I wish I had a better word.  I’m not even sure they are improvements.  Just realistic goals I suppose.  Let’s go with that.  That’s better. Geez T.  Way to make that harder than it had to be.  ::eyeroll::

So here is a list.  You should know that in my head it’s far longer.  I have a long list of private goals I don’t share.  Don’t we all?

  • Keep track of my mileage on a spreadsheet. If only for my shoes benefit. 
  • Run 3x a week.  ~I usually say I plan to run every day and life intervenes so I’m lucky if I run a few times a week.  So this time I’ll just plan to run 3x a week and see what happens.
  • The Marine Corps Marathon.  I never. ever. ever. plan anything like that this far ahead. Something always happens to derail me. But this time I’m going in. 
  • My perfect goal would be to dedicate twice a week to yoga.  My realistic goal is to keep yoga in my world. As active as possible.
  • I’m going to try to track my food on   I did it for awhile and it was nice to keep track.  It’s a little ridiculous because I frequently have Skittles or Hot Tamales for breakfast but it helps me stay honest from migraine forbidden foods.  I don’t expect to do it forever.  But it’s a good idea for a while. 

My dream goals?  No more migraines. Ha!

I love that goal.  If only I actually had the control.  Oh…universe.  Could you take care of that for me please?  Thankyousoverymuch.

It’s a small list.  But I figure the smaller, the more attainable.

I’m nothing if not realistic.

running therapy. My goal to Run again for 2014 after my stroke. I can't walk yet but I will Run!


2 Replies to “Resolutions. Goals? Attempts…”

  1. Yoga is a hard one for me but I will incorporate it much more this year. I feel fantastic after I do it!

  2. I agree! I have no patience, I think I’ve tackled that before in a post (thanks Mom!). I love the first 30 minutes and body says I’m done. But I love it so much and it’s so good for me. So I really need to do it and it’s so good for runners, too.

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