Hey HEY!! Sweet list! <3

1.  I get to decorate for Valentine’s Day.  I love this holiday, it’s my favorite. I know, I’m the ONLY person in the world that loves this holiday but I’ll explain again, as I do every year.  And then you can all understand with me.

a. It’s  a holiday JUST to tell people you like/love them.  You don’t HAVE to give them something. You can just SAY it.  Smiley  You can give them a card.  You can even just write it on a sticky noteMy family likes sticky notes.

b.  It’s one of the rare holidays you don’t HAVE to rush out and buy presents for anyone (you can if you want to) and you don’t get drunk.  It’s just..happiness in a holiday. Smiley

c.  The colors are pink and red!  Who doesn’t love pink and red?  They go so awesome with black.  Smiley

d.  You can tell ANYONE you like them. It doesn’t have to be your significant other.  You can tell your kid, your friend, your co worker, anyone.  I appreciate you. You are my friend.  Thanks for being awesome, have a chocolate kiss.  Smiley

So there you go.

2.  I have started running again even though I am in fact having leg issues.  Not really serious…just nagging.  I just need to get back to yoga and make sure I’m foam rolling.

3. I’m FINALLY getting caught up in work.  I think I’m FINALLY caught up in work. LOL.  I’m trying to convince myself.   I don’t know.  Maybe.  Sort of. I worked 34.5 hours last week and I’m not supposed to go over 32 and technically I’m only scheduled for 27.5 so…I worked over a little.  That’s how I got caught up.  But I feel better and that’s a good thing.

4.  I am  able to breathe at home, too.  Man, the stress was killing me.  When I have no time I get nothing done.  Then I don’t sleep and I get behind on everything.  My writing takes a hit and my running does, too.  It’s a domino effect. I would rather stay up all night and finish a task then continue to ditch it and get more stressed.

5.  I found out amazing news about someone today.  And I called it.  And then I got this fabulous compliment from this person.  Really great feeling.

6.  Target has a ton of things on sale right now and even though this wasn’t a HUGE sale, I got a darling little yoga inspired jacket thing (how’s THAT for a description?) for $20.  And it’s so cute, I may go buy another one.  I tried to find it on the website and it isn’t there.  It’s a Jersey swing jacket, grey, with a hood and nice long sleeves but not tight, just snug enough to be comfortable.  I think I could even wear it to work.  It’s so comfortable it’s my new favorite.

7.  peanut butter cookies for breakfast. Don’t judge me.

8.  Sprite with the peanut butter cookies.  It’s my vice…carbonation.

9.  Sir Eliot this morning!!!!!!!

10.  I started work on my grandmother’s book!  I had the entire thing done last year except for two sentences and my computer crashed. It was an outside website and somehow it didn’t get saved.  Horrible.  I just cried.  I haven’t touched it since.  Yesterday…I started it again.  Yay for new projects that may get done.

11.  I ordered the I <3 to Run Calendar!  It’s completely indulgent and will probably disappoint me in the end when I see how much I DON’T run but I love running things so I bought it anyway.

*side note: I started this dang thing this morning and it’s now 6:03 pm.  Ridiculous it should take me this long to write it.  I’ve been crazy busy.  Sorry folks.  I should have done it last night. 

12.  Mom and Bill bought Sean and Outback gift card for some computer work he did for them.  Completely unnecessary but they always take such great care of him and appreciate whenever he does work for them.  So last night…Outback Takeout for dinner!!  Bonus for me!  I do love grilled shrimp.  ::happy dance::

13.  I’m 46 years old (hey..it’s no secret and I’m okay with it so no worries) and I’m finally learning a valuable lesson.  One I’ve learned before but I may have finally learned it for reals this time.  Don’t tell certain people news that makes you happy.  They’ll just be stupid mean about it.  And if it makes you happy, their response will make you sad.  Think hard about who you are willing to talk to and  who listens to you when you talk.  Keep your conversations generic.

Really, this is good.  And if I forget and post something different about how I had a conversation and it made me sad…shoot me.  OR…Just send me a comment reminding me of this post.  We’ll tag it Learning Opportunity.  LOL

I feel so smart.

Have a great Saturday and enjoy Sunday SO MUCH.  What a fabulous day Sunday is.  Let’s worry about Monday when it gets here.

Run on and run yourselves happy!!