Holy cow…here comes my next adventure…

I’m gonna do THIS!

The Leadville Heavy Half Marathon and it’s gonna be HARD and it’s gonna SUCK and it’s gonna be AWESOME.

It’s on June 14th so it’s my birthday weekend in Leadville, the highest city in the United States.  City is being generous.  The elevation is 10,430ft…that’s to start the race.  Holy smokes.

My friend Kristen, she’s from my running group I sometimes talk about, is coming to Colorado with a group of her friends and said she was doing it.  Well I figured I can’t very well NOT.  How supportive would THAT be?  So I totally jumped on board.

Pretty freakin’ excited, let me tell you.

It is, yes, a trail race.  Yes, I believe I did just have a long rant about San Francisco, the hills, the trails, etc.

I do believe I’ll mostly be hiking this puppy.  I have 8.5 hours to finish it. LOL. I think I can do it.  The average time to finish is 4.5 hours so I figure I’m good.  I’m usually an average person though my mother insists I’m always above average.  😉

I now have two awesome goals for 2014 and so many opportunities to keep me interested.  Sean is so into trail running so he’ll definitely be into the weekend escapes to run.  I hope the weather cooperates a little.  June will be here before we know it.

Oh…in case you’re interested…here’s the course…just for giggles


Yep.  So there’s that.  My first instinct was no and hell no.

And as soon as I say no…my brain says…why the hell not?  What’s the worst that can happen?  I come in last but I finished and can say I did that?  Yep.  I’m gonna have to do it.

I’m not going to make a habit of trail races. I don’t love them. But I love a challenge.

Off to treadmill now.  My head seems better tonight. It’s been an awful four days of this headache and I’m hoping the run will kick it out for good and I’ll be free of it in the morning.

Run  on and run brave. 


3 Replies to “Holy cow…here comes my next adventure…”

  1. That looks amazeballs. I think it’s the same weekend as the Slacker Half though…which was so fun last year I need to do it again this year (in spite of the fact that I now have a bone spur on my foot from it…oops).

    Jk, just looked it up. Slacker is 2 weeks later. Wanna do both? I’ve never done a trail half before, much less one that looks that miserable. If I promise to bring sparkly things for the whole group, can I run with you guys?

  2. HA! You can TOTALLY do it with us!!!! I will TOTALLY not wear sparkly things! But you can be part of our group!!! You are awesome! The more the merrier! Doesn’t it look fabulous?

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