Today went a little better… I only had two packages of Skittles. (Taste the Rainbow!)  And a package of licorice.  But I was super busy so…I’m not sure that counts??

Alright.  Two packages of licorice.  But they’re little!!

I still had a cupcake.

Again…not sorry.

More regretful I only had one.


Someone found my blog yesterday by googling “Atlanta Bread Company Cinnamon Chip Cookies”

Those are totally the best cookies in the whole world and now I want one.  Or two.

I actually went to Atlanta Bread Company today and didn’t get one.  Color me sad.

Maybe I’ll go tomorrow.

Life is better with cookies.


I did get a mile done this morning before work and that is definitely saying something. This was a day for sure.

My son has had a really challenging situation in the last few days and has handled it so beautifully.  A real gentleman from beginning to end.  Not bad for sixteen.  But tonight he had to have an uncomfortable meeting with someone and the result wasn’t what we had hoped.  Life sometimes really does just give you lemons…you know?

No lemonade.

Just… lemons.

We’re all exhausted.  Too tired to eat, workout, clean, think, or do anything productive.  We’re just…a little sad.   But in the end…you are stronger for it, right?  Hell yes.  And my kid especially.  Damn.  We did something right with these kids for sure. They are awesome.

I think we have one more day of emotional yuck and then we can maybe move on.


Snoopy Dance

 Run on.  And run for you.

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  1. Thank you Mom. Hopefully things will look up in the next few days for him. He deserves some stress free time for sure.

  2. Thanks Tess, you are so nice :)~ I think we are moving through it and looking at new options now. We like change in our family. New options….new opportunities. Very cool things.

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