Forgotten yoga…again.

I meant to pop on here yesterday and time got away from me.

Truthfully…I came home from work yesterday and had a complete thyroid crash.

Today seemed a little better.  Not sure what I did different, or if I did anything different, but I’m not unconscious for an hour and a half today.  I did crash. I kept it to about 15 minutes.  Yay me! (Phoebe style!)

This leaves me time to get a few things done.  It’s amazing how little I get done when I crash like that.

Of course, I completely forgot I planned yoga tonight.  So…yeah.  That didn’t happen.  I may just throw in a DVD after I run just so I can get a good stretch.  I only get to go twice a week so missing a class is huge.  I don’t even remember the last time I went.

cat yoga

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I gotta be honest…I think that happened last time I attempted going to yoga.  Do you see a trend here?  I think I need an alarm on my phone or something.  Maybe it’s Freudian and I really don’t want to go.  Huh.  Yeah it’s not really Freudian. I really don’t want to go.  I just want the benefits so I go anyway. It feels so good.


I left work today and ran a few errands…

got my nails done *She painted hearts on them*  She’s so cute.  It was that or Broncos and I wasn’t going for Broncos

Goodwill for drop off

Dry cleaner

Cat food

bank for deposit and pin change (when was the last time you did this?)

Picked up my husband from work…because he’s cute and I wanted to

came home and made (don’t cringe) hash browns with red pepper.  So delicious.  I was starving and it was that…or frosting.  Next time I’m adding eggs and sausage.  Geez.  I might do that tomorrow.  That sounds so good.

Yep.  I totally want and would eat a delicious salad FILLED with veggies.  I did not have time to defrost and grill, chop and dice, and put it all together.  Usually it’s already there.  This week I haven’t had the time to do it.  So hashbrowns it was.


Sean set up my spreadsheet so I can log my miles.  I did it last year for a little while but really..I can’t be botheredRecording things is not my strong suit.  I’m giving it another shot though.  I think my problem may be incredible disappointment in my numbers (hello insecurity much?) leading to a classic loss of ambition to write it down anymore.  And possibly ever run again. I’m scheduling my therapist now.

So I started using my spreadsheet. I’ve used it FOUR TIMES.  Damn I’m good.


I also took an official photo of the treadmill after I ran.  Even when it was only two miles.  Why?  To say I did it.  It was about midnight and I HAD to get some miles in.  So I did a quick run and snapped away. And I happily went to bed. I’ll be honest.  I’m pretty okay with only two miles.  There are plenty of days I only run one mile just to remind myself I run.  I just don’t post it on here because I’m sure the overwhelming thought would be, “what the hell?  One mile??  And an eleven minute mile?”  Yep.  I run a slow first mile.  I like to warm it up slow like.  So I don’t limp later.  Takin’ care of me.

Happy, happy, HAPPY!!!  :)


I bought a Fitbit.  Anyone have one?  I’m holding off on my review for awhile.  I don’t have the Force, I just have the little one.  I think I’ll have to use it for a little while before I can give an honest opinion but for now I AM enjoying having a tracker/pedometer telling me how many steps I take every day.  Keeping tabs of that is definitely handy.

“You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone.” -Percy Cerutty