It’s a word…

Shut up. It’ really is.

I Yoga’d.

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see?  You just have to get the context.

And today??

I hurt.  Ha.  That was pretty easy to understand now wasn’t it.  Yeppers.

Fortunately it is on a very very small scale so I’m not crippled by it but let me tell you…my ITBand was ANGRY yesterday.  Yessireebob.


Last night while reading olivetorun,  Cori linked me to another blog that talked about the foolishness of the US News & World Report review on the Paleo Diet. 

Mark’s Daily Apple gave a scathing reply to the news that Paleo came in dead last for best diets.  Dead last.

This means it ranked so low it came below

the Slim Fast Diet

the Dukan Diet

the Flat Belly Diet

Yeah…even I think that’s pretty sad.

I’m gonna throw this out there…The Paleo Diet seems relatively healthy.  Yep, it’s missing a few key things to balance it nutrient wise but how could you possibly eat all those freaking vegetables and NOT be healthy?  And what nutrient can’t you find in a vegetable?  It’s the staple of the diet.  The #1 plan is the Weight Watchers Plan and they let you eat unlimited vegetables. That should tell you something.

Do I think it’s the greatest plan out there, the grand plan of diet plans?  No, I’m still not convinced.  But I do think it has merit and should be in the running.

I’m definitely going to look into this more.  If for no other reason than Michelle loves it and swears by it.  Ya’ll remember Michelle?  Yeah…I know.  I used to know her, too.  It’s been so long!  Girl is busy.  Now she won’t even do pie with me.  Damn Paleo.


So hang in there…we’ll keep digging.  I know, you’re fascinated.


11 Replies to “Yoga’d.”

  1. Okay, here’s my take on it. Look at slim fast… what do they promote with their frozen dinners and shakes? All crap. What does WW promote? “Healthy” eating but you can still eat crap (hello, ww ice cream???)… look at the ingredients in that stuff. And paleo promotes eating organic veggies, fruits and meats…. I wonder if they looked at that in the report? Or if they just looked at the payoff they probably received… sorry, not believing for a minute they have the best interest of people in mind. I know you weren’t agreeing with the report… just makes me angry that the general population will just trust the news and not do their own research.

  2. Oh man I hope I made that clear in my post. I thought it was really sad it ranked below those diets. Unbelievable. Except with Weight Watchers Plan you eat what you want but you have points. Unlimited vegetables are a big deal to me. With Paleo you are taking an entire food group out. I’m not sure it’s needed…but you are. I think it’s something to look at.

    So much information. And so much anecdotal info because everyone ON the diet who believes their diet is the most successful is going to swear to it. I think every body is different, too. So many people need different things. My body, in particular, requires different nutrients. So I think that plays an important role in what would be successful.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest the Slim Fast diet is not the winner for sure. Just throwin’ that out there. 😉

    1. Sorry, I just get really passionate because I can see where everything we thought is good for us (because it was labeled as such)… is just a bad thing. And ever since I’ve found I have multiple food issues I’m researching as much as I can about our food supply (and it’s really scary!)

      I can see where throwing out grains seems like a big issue…. however, how healthy are they really? The best carbs are in the form of veggies and fruit. Or are you talking about the dairy? LOL 🙂

      I think as long as you do your research and feel comfortable with your decision that’s all you can do. Don’t let anyone tell you any different… unless of course you chose SlimFast 😉

      1. Kat,
        I get it. With your allergies…I don’t blame you for being passionate. I’m just doing research, that’s all. I’m not attached to anything one way or the other. Really. Although my personal belief has always been we as a whole have no need for the incredible amount of carbs we take in. Ridiculous.

        As for dairy, I don’t know if we need it or not but I love milk. I can live without it but I do love it. It’s the only dairy I really love. No…Almond Milk and Soy Milk is not a suitable replacement, but thank you. If I give up milk I’ll give it all up.

        I agree about the food supply but there is just so much information. I get lost in it. I read and read and still…more information. I think we’re all just doing the best we can to make smart informed decisions. Basic? Eat your vegetables. Duh.

  3. See if you can find the books “paleo manifesto” or “it starts with food”. Both are great and will explain where you are getting the nutrients that you think you will be missing without dairy and grains. Trust me, you are gonna get those nutrients. Love Mark’s Daily Apple. Check out the blogs Nom nom Paleo, Paleo Parents, and The clothes Make the Girl.
    Cody is sick and the kids are being obnoxious….gotta go 🙂

    1. Oh I think I could cover the nutrients okay. It would take a little digging but I could figure it out. I’m not a lover of all things vegetable so I may not love what the answer is but I believe I could find it. I just question when a plan takes a food group out. It’s a question, that’s all. The first of many.

      My answer today… I’m really not that interested in food. Really. I could live on scrambled eggs. I did, ask my mom. LOL. So food kind of bores me. I’m hangin’ in there okay. You two (Kat and Michelle) are seriously awesome to have so much passion about it.

      I will check out the other blogs (except the Nom Nom one because I can’t stand that phrase…sorry 🙂 LOL) But mostly I was investigating one diet plan and now I want to move on to the next one. If I can stand it.

      I will totally come to your house and have pie….when you figure out the recipe. 🙂

  4. I’ll find us a pie we can have. It’s my new mission now to have you over for some homemade Paleo pie!

    1. Michelle – I follow The Paleo Mom… she’s fantastic as well! And Against All Grain. Just a few more to add to your reading list… because it sounds like you aren’t busy enough 😉

  5. Love that you Yoga’d!! My ITBand always screams after too. But I think it must need a stretch if it screams so hard. I like Paleo most of the time…..then there’s time for pie!!

    1. I know! Thanks! I’m so bad at getting there. But I need to make sure I do it because my body always likes it. Of course, I’m still feeling it…two days later. And I take the basic class… LOL. But it does love it. Especially my ITBand. Can I be on the ball again this week? Let’s see how on the ball I am.

      I agree on the pie. I do love dessert. *sigh* It’s a huge glitch to the whole array of fabulous plans out there. Now I want pie.

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