Is this who we want to be?

Beauty is more than on the inside.  I know…bet you never thought I’d say that.  We’re fooling ourselves if we don’t see it.  Rather than dismissing it as not being important, why don’t we recognize it as amazing.    Diverse and unique in everyone.  It’s far more interesting to see the beauty of all the different shapes and sizes, colors and creations of women and their personalities than just what is on the inside.  I think what is on the outside, most of the time, represents what is on the inside, like wrapping paper.  Of course, in the young they are still trying to find themselves so that’s not always a fair statement to make.


A sixteen year old friend posted on Facebook today how she wanted to “ master the perfect bikini body );”

All of her friends are posting  and she is seeing photos of what she thinks is the image of what is “perfect”.

What exactly IS the perfect bikini body?  Because we all know everyone is different, right?  Every body has flaws.

I don’t love my body.  But I like it.  I believe in it.  It has always done what I needed it to do, what I’ve asked of itWhen I treated it poorly, it responded as such. When I treated it well, it gave back to me.

Like a good relationship…like a friend.  Give and it gives back to you.

But don’t expect what it can’t give you. Your body isn’t a perfect partner. It can’t give you what you want without something from you first.  You have to earn it’s love.  You have to treat it with respect in order earn it’s faithfulness.  It will be worth it.  It will.


Dove has sponsored  a video about selfies and how we see ourselves and how others see us.  I think it’s nicely done and really does demonstrate the differences in everyone and how women, regardless of age, have issues with themselves.



There have been a few experiences in recent days where I found I wasn’t having the greatest time talking to my dearest friends.  These are seriously…great friends.  I talk to some of them every single day.  But I think as the days progress and life’s stresses get to everyone we tend to forget that everyone deals with things differently.

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Everyone wears their pain in their own way.  You may never see it, they may be that person that never shows it.  And you may be the person that needs to let people know  so you can have some support.  You could be a little in between.  I’m a little in between.  I like to throw a  migraine vent out there every once in a while, like I just did.  I see it as a validation.  Can someone else please recognize that I feel like I’m dying?  You don’t even have to say anything…I just need to say it “out loud“.  Then I’m good.

Unfortunately not everyone sees it the same way.  It tends to become a compare game.  Is this person’s pain as deep as the next person.  Can we all gain a little perspective here? Oh yeah…I’m guilty of that one.  I’ve said it myself. I’ll own that one.

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So how about this.  How about instead of comparing ourselves or each other to everyone else…how about we, especially as women, support one another. I feel like a broken record because I’ve said that before, but I think it’s so important.  We are our own club!  Women freaking rock. We are strong, beautiful, smart and fiercely loyal to family… so why the HELL would we not say to someone who is struggling…“I am with you.  You have my support.  Let me know if there is anything you need. And I love you”. 

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An example to my kids…best reason ever right there.  I’m in.  This is another learning opportunity, right?  We all have the chance to do it the easy way, we all have the chance to do it the judgmental way, hopefully we take the chance to do it the kind way.

Read Humans of New York.  I get caught up in this blog and will sit my butt down and read it for far too long but I’m freaking addicted.  The people and how beautiful they are, how amazing their lives are, the sadness and the happiness.  The love and the breakups.  It’s all there and it’s all wonderful.  Read it.  Make your life better.

And remember…

The Golden Rule…reciprocity




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  1. I’m sorry you are going through a rough patch. I do enjoy your posts on the Humans of NY, but I had no idea it was also a blog!

  2. Thank you Miss Kat! No rough patch beyond that darn migraine that everyone prayed away (thankyouverymuch to everyone!). I just thought a little reminder was in order of what we think is important. I was taken care of with love yesterday. Not everyone I love was given the same support. It makes me sad when people pick and choose who to give support and rate how important their stress is.

    Ironically…perspective. 😉 LOL

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