I missed it…

And thus explains my week!  Always a step behind….

I totally missed our one year anniversary of being alive and kicking as a blog.  January 18th.  I mean….we didn’t need fireworks or anything but a slice of pie or cake or SOMETHING was in order.

A “hey…we made it a year and we’re still kickin'”.

Great job for still goin’ strong.

We’re/I’m done running the 13 half marathons but apparently I have more to say.

I figure when I run out of things to say I’ll just stop writing.  Sort of Forrest Gump like…



It’s my sweet baby’s birthday today.  Boy is seventeen!  Yeah.  I get it. Not a baby.  But he’s my youngest so…he holds a special place in my heart.

Plus…he’s so freakin’ awesome.

Happy Birthday Montana!  Most excellent…



4 Replies to “I missed it…”

  1. Congratulations to you on your Blogaversary….keep ’em coming!!!! And Happy Birthday to your “baby” ;0

  2. Thanks! You can always come to us here at runtessrun for your ~we’re on the ball and right on time with information~ news. Or…we may be a few days late but you know…it’s a good time so what the hell. Hang around anyway!

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