We’re blizzarding…how about you?

So..this is what Denver looks like.

This is our FIRST storm.  We’re expecting another tomorrow around…one o’clock in the afternoon.  It’s gonna be cold.

What is it like where YOU are?

I’ve come across some badass bloggers who seem to think we all should strap on those yak trax and get our butts out the door.

Um…that’s okay thanks.  I’m good.  More power to them though!  Impressive for sure.

I LOVE running in the snow…if I’m already out in it when it starts.  But heading out in the cold…not so fun.  Don’t ask me to explain the difference.  There is no reason to how my brain works.

Does it make me less badass if I’m not out there running in the blizzard?

yep.  Probably.  I’m okay with that.  It’s freakin’ cold.  And mostly?…I’m afraid of falling on my ass.

I’ll stick to my treadmill and love it for sure.

And at no time in my life has my treadmill EVER been a “dreadmill”.  I’ve been stranded.  I’ve been stuck.  I’ve been with kids and no friends family or neighbor to help.  If I didn’t have a treadmill, I would be at my wits end.  My treadmill has saved my sanity many days.  I thank God for it.  That may seem ridiculous, but I’m always grateful for the little things like that.  I don’t take it lightly that I can run at midnight.


I have a blood test coming up and it’s really really overdue.

I’m so exhausted I keep falling asleep.

My hair is breaking off.  My hairdresser is freaking out.

My regular symptoms have upped themselves.  Skin is dry.  I’m freezing cold again.  My co worker keeps telling me I’m having hot flashes.  Man, she’s a good time.  ::eyeroll::

My blood test has extra stuff on it so I have to have it taken extra early.  This means my appointment isn’t until nearly the end of February.  The wait itself may do me in.

If my thyroid numbers are good I’ll be so shocked I’ll give up Skittles.

Okay, that will probably not happen.

sourceIt's (winter) coming soon.  I will try a trail run or two and some road running this winter in the snow...  Peaceful!

Run on…beast style or treadmill.  Whatever makes you happy. 


9 Replies to “We’re blizzarding…how about you?”

  1. UGH!!! Thyroid problems. I go Wednesday for the blood test and a week later for the Doctor’s appointment. I know you are right about your numbers. Even if the numbers come back pretty close to normal for you YOU know your body and pretty soon the numbers will be wonky (they probably already are). I pray they get you adjusted before the dreaded symptoms make you hit a wall for weeks!

  2. YES! I’ve been trying not to talk about it because I thought I was beating the subject to death for so long but I’ve never been on the same meds for this long of a time. I’m certain my numbers are whacked. I feel horrible. My instincts are always right about it. I’ve been having symptoms already for weeks. Longer probably. My family keeps looking askance at me when I drop asleep on the counter. It’s so random!

    And my hair!! That’s a new one. I’m just tired. Sorry for the rant. I hope your blood test brings you good results!

  3. 🙁 Can’t get in any sooner for that blood work? a few weeks already is going to be way too long feeling crappy. Thyroid issues are definitely not a good time. We aren’t getting snow… but we are coming out of the polar vortex, so it’s “warm” at least! 🙂

  4. Unfortunately Miss Kat…no. I see a specialist for my thyroid because my regular doctor (who I LOVE) told me I was a “medical mystery” LOL. She is hard to get into so I have to make the appt really early. And she is testing me on several different things so I have to get the blood test earlier than usual for the appointment. It’s just…difficult.

    I’ll write a short note about it. Miss Tess upstairs there will understand. I’m not sure what I’d fix…migraines or my thyroid. And that’s saying a lot.

  5. Definitely see a specialist!!! Even though they are hard to get in to see it really makes a difference when figuring out dosage of meds. I think I’d fix my thyroid first because I feel like the severity of my migraines depend on my thyroid numbers…..

    1. Yep. I’ve been seeing the specialist for a little over a year and MOSTLY I like her. She has her moments.

      There really isn’t any fixing my migraines. I’ve had them since I was a kid and they’ve tested me backwards and forwards so it’s something we “manage”.

    2. Okay Tess, I just got that. Your migraines get worse when your numbers are worse? Because I’ve had the migraines long before the thyroid went whack. That is interesting if that’s what you’re saying.

      1. Yes I’ve had migraines since I was a teenager. They’ve never been debilitating until my thyroid started acting up. Like you said symptoms ninja up on you and by the time I realize “Hey my thyroid must be out of whack” it’s WAY out of whack! When my thyroid is wacky my migraines are debilitating and if my thyroid is managed my migraines are manageable.I try to stand strong in my faith and gratitude even when my body throws me curve balls!!and read funny, uplifting and sarcastic blogs like yours….Thank you!

  6. My migraines were bad before my thyroid but it’s an interesting theory to test…if mine are worse when my numbers are. I’ve never seen it but maybe I wasn’t looking close enough. That’s unusual for me…I’m almost always on the ball. 😉
    Ha. Ninja up on you. Right? Just damn…there they are. So unfriendly. I agree, my faith and gratitude are extremely important and I think God has given all of us something that makes us unique. This one is mine. And apparently yours! Most of the time I’m pretty ok with it but every once in a while I have a week like this and I cave. It’s not pretty People…step back. She’s havin’ a meltdown. My poor husband.

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