Thyroid surprise…

Okay. THAT doesn’t  sound pretty, does it?

Like a really bad casserole.  *shudder*

I know…scary right? Here, this should help…


Okay…moving on.

Here’s the quickie version.   You may skip this if you’ve read it from me before.

You have symptoms, you see the doctor, the doctor suspects Hypothyroidism/Hyperthyroidism.

You get a blood test.  It’s confirmed…low/high thyroid. Your blood test comes back with a number.  The norm is going to be between .5 and 3.5.

You get a scrip (prescription) for a thyroid replacement.  Usually it’s one, with me it’s two meds. I take them twice a day.  Normally, you come back in about six weeks and get another blood test.  Hopefully but rarely you are good to go.  It is not abnormal for it to require some “tweaking” to find the right balance of meds to thyroid number.

MY number tends to “bounce” up about every four months.  No matter what meds we tried and what number.  This is why I now see a specialist.  She is pretty accurate.  I do like her.  She has put me on the two meds and I take one of them twice a day.  I definitely felt better for longer.  After coming back for the follow up it was a good test!  Super unusual.

Here’s what happens.  When you aren’t looking you start to get symptoms that creep in.  I personally get stupid (don’t freak out family…it’s a phrase).  I put things in the fridge that don’t belong there.  I can’t speak correctly.  I lose things.  I fall asleep at the counter.   But these symptoms happens so don’t realize it’s happening until you’re in it.  And then it’s a slow dawning…ohhhh.  I think my numbers are whack. 

That’s what’s going on.

So my scheduled appt is three weeks away and unfortunately I’ll have to power through.  My plan is to do just that.

Power through.

I hope I can do it with little to no damage to myself. Or anyone else for that matter. Lord knows when I get like this… there have been close calls with the garbage disposal.

I just picked up two “new” to me books on the subject. One of them is actually really old but it got great reviews.  I’m going to spend the next few weeks perusing and hopefully learning even more about this crazy issue that seems to run my life.


That showed right up now, didn’t it?

Happy things happen in February.  It’s a shorter month…

Valentine’s Day!!

I love this holiday,  it’s so happy.  I’m a firm believer in the ~if you want to start a diet don’t “wait until Monday” just do it. Start today.  Start getting healthy right now.  On that note I don’t think February 1st is a big deal but I do feel like a little of my stress is relieved and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

I’m having lunch with my best girlfriend ever.  I’m a little caught up on life.  And I may actually get a run in for the first time in a week.  All the major holidays and events are OVER>  insert snoopy dance here…

I feel like we can all take a deep breath now.  I love birthdays and I love the holidays but I really wish they were spread out a bit more.  October through January…Whew.


I haven’t heard from my wayward son in about 10 days.   Missing him.


Ending this post with a little MT love so Alex Michael can see it if he ever comes back to was a great birthday even with the blizzard.



Eliot was pretty excited for Montana’s laptop… 🙂

Bonus: Shaughnessy and Adam in the background…

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    1. Nope…the migraines have been around since I was a kid. Just a different glitch of mine. It’s just a trick to figure out how to manage them. Like your allergies… I can’t imagine dealing with that. Everyone has their own issue, right? Their own specialty? These are mine. 🙂

        1. LOL…I guess that’s how I see it. Just something we all have that’s made us uniquely us. 🙂

    1. Me, too! I’m not sure how much shopping we’ll get done but it’ll be fun spending time for sure.

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