Whoo hoo! 

Okay…I am not a football fan but you have to be dead in Denver to not get the giant freaking clue something BIG is happening.  And it’s goin’ down today.  Yep.  We’re watching it here at my house (as I multi task cause who can sit still that long and…for football?) and we’re hoping for a good show!  

Good Morning Broncos Country



Shut up!…(my supervisor would say “no YOU SHUT UP”  LOL. I love her….I digress)

I LOVE the internet.  I realize this is a slightly odd declaration but today I’m feeling the need to appreciate.

Remember when I posted about the Paleo Diet?  I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve read on it.  After it posted Michelle sent me a couple links to blogs that are great resources for Paleo. I have already bookmarked them for their smart recipes and knowledge on the subject.  Can’t beat that with a stick.

So yesterday I started my research (again, *sigh*) into how to eat right for Hypothyroidism. Not your average bear.  Something I’ve researched to death actually.  I remember when I was gluten free I ended up feeling very frustrated because I didn’t feel the amazing results everyone kept telling me I would feel.  After about six months I just got lazy about it and slowly stopped being careful.  Eventually giving up on it completely.

Today the research has me losing gluten (again), losing dairy (no problem, I gave up cheese months ago and I don’t drink that much milk even though I love it), and cutting out some of my favorite vegetables I eat a lot of.  Spinach!  My favorite for salad.  Sad day.  But we’ll give it a try, do some more research and try to keep a good accurate list of what I can and can’t have.

I am a skeptic. I get it from my mother. ::waves to mom::

Our lives have improved so much with all the information now at our fingertips via the World Wide Web.  I’d be LOST without the ability to spend five hours a day linking from one article/blog to another in an attempt to figure out why I’m broken.  And hey…that Kim Kardashian article about her getting her hair colored  was totally pertinent to my thyroid.  Whatever. It’s ok.  Just attribute it to hair envy.  I’m severely afflicted.  I’m pretty sure my house would be cleaner, I’d get all my runs in and my husband would finally recognize me if we had no internet.  That one is iffy though. His office is his favorite place to be so he may not even notice.  😉


Andrea and I spent the day eating and shopping. For living in the same town I should get to spend more time with her.  We started our Christmas lists for next year and our “one gift a month” shopping.  Success for both of us I think.  We ended up at Bed Bath and Beyond and I found THIS:

Perfect Fit® Fleece Foot Warmer with Controller

It’s HEATED.  Hello Lover… 😉  I want one~  The sucker is $50 but I figure with a good coupon.  *sigh* It’s possible I’m old.  I want a heated foot warmer.  As I’m typing it this morning  my feet are arctic in a pair of socks and slippers.  Makes me dream of the possibilities.


Enjoy the Superbowl today!  A little bird told me it’s beautiful weather and our guys are ready to have a great time!