Check me OUT…

LOL.  I ran on the treadmill last night and finished up at 11:58pm.  That counts at February 2nd, right?

Then I got up at 6am and ran again.  Score for me!

Tonight I tackled my fears and went to a class.

Yes…a class. I don’t do classes well.  It took me months to talk myself into yoga and I still don’t love it. But tonight I joined my friend Lezly and we went to Tanny Academy of Martial Arts for Mrs. Tanny’s Kickboxing class.

If you ignore the fact that I had a killer migraine…it was pretty good and I’ve agreed to brave the elements and attend again.  My arms already hurt.  Ha.  And that’s a good thing. I desperately need this cross training AND I desperately need to get a stretch on.  I could really use some flexibility.

More yoga.

I hear you.  You don’t have to yell so loud.

My ITBand is so tight I’m not sure it’ll ever be happy but I’m foam rolling and stretching and yoga’ing and now I’m kickboxing. What more does it want?

I give and give and give…*sigh*

I know.  It wants to not be abused.  Alas, the troubles of a runner.

Any tricks or miracle stretches to save me and my troublesome ITBand?  If it’s yoga…I’ve done it.  But I’ll take any other …

Run on and be brave today.   And stretch…


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  1. It was! It was good to get out and try something different. And I punched things. I think I’m a lover and not a fighter. Not much interest in punching things. Huh.

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