I’m over it.

The cold.


The freaking arctic zone!

Mostly just  the cold.

I do recognize we in colorado do not have the right to complain like the East Coast people.  Man, the snow, the snow days, the insanity.

But the cold.  I left work yesterday and it was SO cold.  I had to go to the store and I just wanted to go home, put on pajamas and slippers and curl up under the covers.

Unfortunately, I’m the mom.

I so missed the days of being the kid.

Like…with a fierceness I cannot describe I wanted to not be the one in charge yesterday.

I left work at 3, STARVING, and had to get my nails done.

I know, really?

But I have really bad nails.  They peel in tiny little layers that hurt so when they start to come off, I have to take care of it like…that day.

So I go to my darling nail girl, Lisa, who is SO awesome  and it took me forever to find her. 

She’s leaving me.  And going somewhere far away.  I cannot tell you how sad I am.

I then head out into the cold again and over to the store for dinner and mandatory groceries.  I got home at nearly 6pm and my head is at a new level of hurt.  I’m cold to my bones.  I just want to go to bed and I don’t want to think. 

MT needs to talk about his classes and my poor husband is still sick. 

I make dinner.  Sit at the computer.  Attempt to be a mom.

Finally, about 8:30, my brain says OVERLOAD.

I went upstairs to the spare bedroom to lie down in the quiet dark for  a few minutes and before I know it….it’s 10:45 and my husband is waking me up. 

An entire evening lost. 

I’m sure I did need it. But I still feel frustrated.  And I didn’t get to run. 

What a waste of valuable time. I know I should feel great that I got some much needed rest but I just don’t. Today I feel behind on everything. 

Today has been much better though incredibly cold.


 I already feel more ahead. 

I’m definitely going to run tonight and I’m supposed to do kickboxing again but I’m going to tell you…it’s too cold and I’m probably going to ditch for the cold.  My head is fighting me. 


I’m pretty excited!!!

On another note:  I haven’t heard from my son in a while and I never like that.  So…if you have a prayer out there that his communication on the ship improves I’d greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!

Enjoy your day and I am sending you warm thoughts and wishes for a great workout!