I blame it on Eliot… :)

So yesterday was a little busy.  I put off running in the morning thinking, “I’ll run tonight!”

Ah the naivety of the young.

I mean…



Anyway I’m naive.

I got texted that they wanted me to grab my little Eliot for the evening and who could POSSIBLY turn THAT down???

Yeah…you know you couldn’t.  LOL

I so didn’t.

I left work and ran a few quick errands and zipped my way out to the end of the world (they live seriously seriously kinda far) to pick the little peanut up.  He was OVERJOYED to see me.  LOL. Not so much.

He never likes to leave the warmth and comfort of where he is.

And can you blame him?  It’s freaking -11* everywhere.

But I grabbed him and kissed him and brought him home.  Wait…

I think that’s a cartoon or something….:(

So I don’t have much news for you but I do have an Eliot sighting!!

First you have to see if you can spot him….it’s tricky.  He’s an expert hider…


Malachi is looking, too…

There he is!!


Hm…possibly still a tad bit grouchy…


He pretty much stayed grumpy the whole time.

Shaughnessy and Adam pretended to leave and he burrowed himself in the closet and was totally okay with it.  Lord he’s a piece of work.


Running tonight for sure…my legs are demanding some exercise.

Let go, clear your mind, count your blessings, do what makes you happy..and go run!- Liza


Last note:  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers yesterday!  I asked everyone for some prayers that Alex Michael’s ship get some better communication and lo and behold…I heard from him!!  Three long weeks.  Whew.  He is doing well and they just were out of communication for awhile, longer than usual.  Such a relief.  It’s ridiculous to worry, I know he’s okay, but he never goes that long so…yeah.  I do pause then.

Have a great day!  Do something beautiful for you~

4 Replies to “I blame it on Eliot… :)”

  1. Thanks! I was pretty excited! I seriously got an email about an hour after I posted and I thought I’d burst into tears. How great was that timing?

    Eliot is an expert hider…clearly 🙂

    1. He’s been out of town for several weeks and I know it’s just the ship has bad communication. Just frustrating because … I worry. I’m a mom. 😉 I don’t think you would understand…. (HAHAHAHAHA sorry. Even I couldn’t hold that one in). So in my last post I just asked for a little communication prayer please…and like…an hour later! I got an email from him.

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