Spreading the LOVE

Hey Hey!!

It’s Valentine’s WEEK here and I LOVE that.  Love it.

I know I know.  You’re thinking…

Seriously?  But this chick doesn’t even like HEARTS!

Cue:  ::all the hearts::


I don’t.  But I love them at Valentine’s Day.Smiley (bleeding hearts were always my favorites)

I know the general consensus is to think pretty disagreeable thoughts about this particular holiday…especially if you are a guy (unless you have a significant other).  But I love this holiday even if you don’t for the following reasons which I have already stated but will say again.

  • You don’t have to buy a present for anyone.  It’s nice if you do but it’s not like Christmas where a gift for every single person in your life to include the mailman and the secretary is expected.
  • You don’t have to cook a huge meal and the whole family shows up.  Nope.
  • You can tell everyone that is important to you how much you love them. Even if it’s just on a sticky note.  I love sticky notes.  They are extra special.
  • Dessert and chocolate are almost always involved.
  • Hello…pink and red are the main colors.  Does it get any better?

Check it out…

A list of ideas for telling people you think they’re awesome.  No matter the relationship.  Because I like my kids, too.  And my friends. And my grandson.

I mean, hello.  It’s pretty obvious I like my husband.  Who wouldn’t?  He’s awesome.

::insert favorite photo::


Hm….that’s not the one. But it’s pretty close.  So anyway, here’s a list of ideas for anyone.  Get creative! Expand on it.  Let me know if you have anymore.  Try not to be hatin’ on Valentine’s Day now.  It’s all in good fun. 🙂

  • Sticky note! HA.  Bet you saw that one comin’.
  • You could give blood.  If you don’t have a significant other…maybe someone else’s heart could use some love.  🙂
  • Send a friend a valentine in the mail.
  • A gift bag, for kids, is always good.  It doesn’t have to have chocolate.  It could have a movie or a book…some crayons, maybe bubbles or a bouncy ball.
  • If it’s a teenager or grown kids, small gift cards to a restaurant (Jimmy Johns, Panda Express, Starbucks, kind of places).  Other things you can put in it…socks, chapsticks, lip glosses, fingernail polish, protein bars…
  • chocolate on the pillows, in the sock drawers, hidden in backpacks
  • notes on the whiteboard (MT has a whiteboard on his bedroom door.  I write him notes all the time)
  • pizza sent to work 🙂 (except for my husband who doesn’t like pizza…)
  • cake…of course.  Make cupcakes together??
  • donate to an animal shelter if your loved one or friend is a true animal lover.  They’ll love you more for knowing where their heart really is.
  • Make dinner simple…pizza, burgers, sandwiches, whatever.  Make it a picnic on the living room floor while you watch a great classic movie like Casablanca or Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Everyone with a blanket…everyone with a pillow. No one at a restaurant because hello…it’s crazy out there. Introduce the kids to the amazing world of cinema.
  • Buy a co worker a Starbucks.
  • Donuts to work!

These are some off the cuff ideas I came up with but I’m sure there are a billion actual good ones out there.  Use your imagination.  When it comes to telling someone how fabulous they are…can there really be any bad ideas?

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  1. Thanks 🙂 I feel like there are a ton of great things to do but at midnight…I could only come up with thirteen. Huh. Thirteen. Interesting number… 😉

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