Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Friday, it’s a beautiful day here in Colorado (sorry entire East Coast and anywhere that is buried in snow and without power ) and it’s the perfect day to do something fun.

My husband is in superstressed overworked ~maynotbehomeuntilSunday~ mode (slight exaggeration) so I’m going to take some time to just relax. Frankie says relax…

Git yer run on, People.

  • How happy is this video of these babies still hugging like they were before they were born? I could watch it over and over.
  • I was so intrigued by this list of 11 Perfect Valentine’s Day Desserts That Aren’t Chocolate on Buzzfeed I clicked on it right away!  Until I discovered I freaking can’t even pronounce half of them and anyone that knows me knows I have zero patience and by the time these recipes were completed I would have down 14 packages of Hot Tamales and called it Home.  #zeropatiencethanksMom.
  • I’m going to Off Broadway to buy these shoes.  So cute. And I’m feeling the need for new shoes.
  • Also…I kind of love this mini tote but can we get a collective gasp for the price? *gasp*  If I combine the sale price,  with my $20 Kohl’s cash I have,  and the coupon I have in my email I might get a deal.  Anyone get the idea I’m cheap?  I only spend good money on running shoes.  And really any shoes.  My feet are important to me.
  • I opened an Instagram.  I need to go to college to figure it out.  I didn’t feel too bad.  MT couldn’t figure it out either. HA.  #oldpeopleunite
  • I did run today.  Just a quick run but enough to say I did it. I’m off my game this week but at least I’m out there a bit.
  • I bought a new pink blouse for a Valentine’s outfit.  Can you tell I love this day?
  • Loved this Dallas Sportscaster’s response to Michael Sam coming out as gay.

Run today and maybe pass on a random act of kindness.   Happiness spreads happiness.

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