Energy crisis.

I believe that 80% of the effort of running/working out…is dressing for the effort.

Of course, this may just be true for me.  But sometimes just the thought of being cold (I’m always cold) is so not worth it.  I’m bundled and warm in my sweaters and slippers and to think I have to put on my shorts and short sleeve shirt…


It’s freakin’ cold.

And it’s so much work.  After I run I have to shower.  Where I’ll be cold again.  *sigh*  There’s just so much COLD.

I know, you’re thinking…why are you in sweaters and slippers in the middle of the day?

Because I’m always cold.

So…yeah.  I need to battle past that.  That’s the motivation poster I need.

Work Out, Motivational


My Hypothyroidism is reaching an all time high.  Or…is it low…and it’s escalating pretty quickly.

In the last week I’ve started crashing daily right about 5pm give or take an hour and I sleep for at least three hours.  THREE HOURS>  I can get up for an hour or two but I’m not coherent.  Then I go to bed. Like…bed for the night.  I’m exhausted.

If my numbers are normal I’m jumping off a bridge.

Not really of course, but I’ll make a lot of noise for other tests to find out what’s going on.  I have a billion other symptoms.

  • My hair is breaking off.
  • I can’t swallow properly.  Pills and foods are getting stuck like my throat is swollen.
  • I’m back to being cold all the time.  Ridiculously.
  • my voice is gravely.  Random but this is actually a symptom.

I could go on and on but these are the ones that affect me the most.  My appt is Tuesday afternoon. I am holding my breath.


I got my hair cut today.  Miss Anna didn’t know what to do with it because it’s all breaking off so it’s cut super short.  Though she did say it grows so fast she needed to take almost two inches and she just cut it six weeks ago.  TWO INCHES>  I am not normal.


Sean and I had lunch at Fatburger ~uh…I love burgers and could die happy if that’s my last meal~ and I even had a strawberry shake.  Then we went to the movies and saw Philomena

You should go see this movie.  It is so good.  Really.

Now I want to read the book.

But yes, great movie. Dame Judi Dench. Wow.  SO GOOD>


And now…just a little humor to make you smile.

The world has give me so much to work with. Wouldn't want to waste it.  Sarcasm.

Run!  Because you can.



4 Replies to “Energy crisis.”

  1. LOVE the “little bit of humor” I went this past week and yes hypo AGAIN!! I kinda knew it by my vanishing eyebrows and the effort it took just to think about taking a shower or getting ready for bed even though I was very tired. Little stuff creeps up on me and then smacks me over the head!! My Doctor changed my meds. and my dosage…..well see in 6 weeks ( ugh that seems SO long) I hope your appointment goes well and your Doctor can help you!!!

    1. Really…we don’t even need the blood test, do we? They should just ask us! LOL. We know better.

      uh…no eyebrows??? Really?? At least I went to someone and had her wax them off. #notonpurpose Holy vanishing eyebrows batman. That’s nuts. And yes…the six freaking weeks to find out if this is even close to the right amount is an eternity. Science sucks and you can’t tell me different. hehe.

      I’m so sorry but I’m really glad you were right and you got adjusted. Let’s hope the adjustment is good and it works out well. Keep me posted and feel free to email me with vents, rants or shouts of joy! 🙂

  2. It’s okay! I’m really just tired all the time and you know me, I have this unreasonable amount of energy so I’m used to bouncing everywhere like a ping pong ball. To realize that my day will essentially end at 5pm means…get it all done by then. Yikes. No pressure there. I’m counting the days until I see her. Good thing I can count that high! *two!* LOL Love you 🙂

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