The road to hell…and all that. Right?

Four miles done tonight and stop the presses I ran it in the great outdoors.  HELLO.

I know, right?

Okay. Full disclosure it wasn’t fast.


Also…at each and every mile break I stopped to breathe.

the temperature was a glorious 66* with a fabulous 18mph headwind gusting up to 29mph just to encourage me to push on.  Yep.  It was GREAT. *sarcasm*

Let’s just ask right here folks…do you really need the sarcasm pointed OUT?

I didn’t think so.

I foam rolled before I ran…

I ran…

I came home with great intentions…

and then I went to a movie…

I think I know why my ITBand hurts.  😉

yes…I’ll stretch it right now.


relatable animated gif on Giphy



We saw The Monuments Men A great little flick with George Clooney and hmm…that other guy whose name I am drawing a blank on because I’m broken. Dammit.  What is his name ::googling:: Matt Damon! Yes.  And Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, John Goodman…really an amazing cast.  It was very good. I’m a history buff so I will watch anything having to do with history and here’s a little note of trivia…I don’t even care how accurate it is!  I KNOW.  Random, right?  Because I’m there for entertainment!  I just go home…Google the real story and learn what really happened.  It’s so interesting!  Remember we saw Philomena yesterday and loved it.  But who doesn’t love a Clooney/Damon movie?  So I was lined up to see this one.  


Miss Reggie who left for Thailand in January has FINALLY updated her blog and if you need or want something to read (like me who is constantly looking for new material to entertain me) she has changed the name of her blog to Thailand Found.  I ordered her to update it, it’s so interesting, the stories she’s telling me about living in Thailand!  She wants me to come visit her and holy smokes I’ll have to man up before I go.  I’m such a bathroom/bug freak.  But you know me…if I’m afraid of it…I have to tackle it (I keep telling myself that).

At this point…Russian bathrooms are looking pretty good.
And they thought these Sochi double-toilet stalls were odd.

vs. Thai bathrooms…

The Thai Toilet or Squatter


I just read on an obscure blog I came across about spiders the size of your hands…and in the restrooms no less.

This could be a deal breaker, People.

I’m not messin’ around with spiders. 🙁   *shudder*

It’s ten pm…do you know where your children are?  (HA…I think there was a public service announcement like that.  In the far recesses of my memory…)  Shut up. I’m not that old.

Actually, I was going to say it’s ten pm and I did not take a nap today.  I think because I ran late in the day it reset me.  If I could get my clock to always do that I’d be in business but I know that won’t happen.  I was definitely yawning as I was forcing myself out the door.  Shaming myself as I went was the only thing that worked!  🙂

It’s President’s Day tomorrow and I’m a banker so…bankers hours.  Don’t worry.  We suffer greatly for having the day off.  Remember?

The whole world takes all their money out on Friday/Saturday (they’re freaked we’ll never be open again and they’ll never get their money) and on Tuesday when they see us open they return it all.  Happens every time.  Both banks I’ve worked at.  Most random phenomenon I’ve ever seen.  Hello…ATM.

I however will be doing something incredibly important tomorrow.

I’m shopping.

Girl needs a new handbag. Hello…;) (what the hell did I do with that Kohls cash)

And what will YOU be doing?

Oh…and yep.  I’ll be runnin’.

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Run on and feel good!

4 Replies to “The road to hell…and all that. Right?”

  1. You did great with the picture of the bathroom…that is it in a nutshell. The spiders eat the mosquitoes and that is fine with me these days.

    1. I actually came across a photo of a spider and the blogger said it was the size of my hand.
      a: is that true? and
      b: seriously…not sure I can handle it. I’m not kidding when I say the spiders might do me in. I do not do well with spiders. Geez that’s an understatement. I had nightmares last night just after seeing the photo. And you know I can’t squat and pee!! I told you that!

  2. Oh dear, just the thought of the spiders makes me nauseated, ugh! but you sound like you feel better. Wish I could shop with you.

    1. Shopping would be so fun! I’m splurging on a bag if I can swing it. I’m only willing to spend so much so there you go.

      I’m with you on the spiders. I want to see the world but if the world would just poison itself with pesticide first I’d really appreciate it.

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