ShutthefrontDOOR. I got an appointment.


please commence the Snoopy dancing…


See that look on Schroeder’s face?  Yeah…I get that a lot from Sean when I’m Snoopy dancing.  A little too much energy gives him a little too much sensory overload.

The TV is on, the dishes are clanking, the kid is talking, I’m excited about the day and I’m moving and talking and my hands are talking, too and … yeah.  *whew*

He really likes it upstairs in his quiet office.  LOL

They were SO nice they rescheduled my appointment for tomorrow the 19th and I told her if she found me an appointment for tomorrow I would do a Snoopy dance. She said, “I wish I could hum the tune…” and she started humming!

Hilarious.  I love it.

All hope is not lost. I’ll keep you posted.


This was my status on my FB wall.  The responses totally made me crack up.

Apparently you don’t have to be hypothyroid to do whacky things like try to unroll the car window with the garage door opener.

Refill cups with lids still on them.

Order something at a restaurant you have never in your life ordered with no memory of ordering it.  ??

Stand in the elevator waiting…waiting…wondering why it isn’t moving.  Hmm.  Did you push the button?

Honestly.  We all have broken brains.
So I took a picture of my little handbag and I cute filtered it up a bit and thought…I’ll post it on the blog!  Sometimes after a little griping…a little upper is in order…don’tchaknow.

Unfortunately, I’m Instagram illiterate.  I can use it but I can only get the photo onto Instagram and FB and a tumblr if I had one.  No freakin’ way baby. I got enough goin’ on.  And I have a few guys I’m friends with near and dear on Instagram, they surely don’t need a photo of my handbag.

though you and I both know it’s fiercely cute.

The issue was I couldn’t figure out how to get it from

Point A = Instagram


Point B = runtessrun

Without at least going through Facebook.  And really…I wasn’t going to subject the world to the handbag. Save me now.

So suffice it to say…it’s little and it’s black…(Ya’ll should know by now my favorite color is black).

So there.


Be strong. Run strong.

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  1. I’ll be sending well wishes to you today, Wednesday! I KNOW my brain is a little broken always but MUCH more when things are screwy with my thyroid.

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