Hey…has anyone seen my Sunday?

My dad would say I’m “a day late and a dollar short”.
This was my post from this morning.  🙁  My house is a bit of chaos right now, I had to be somewhere ::waves to my coffee friend:: and I had no time to get a run in as I was busy doing something that couldn’t be put off. ::foreshadowing::
So I nearly finished typing and then thought…I’ll do it as SOON as I get back!  And as soon as I got back I seriously crashed and slept until….7pm.  Yep.  Nearly four hours.
Ha.  I’m trying to find humor in missing half of my day ~and my weekend day no less~ but this is a bummer.  So here it is and it’s talking about Saturday.

I ran yesterday and guess what?

If I could make myself run every day I would survive this energy crisis.  Whatever it is.

I felt SO much better.

Of course, I crashed right before.

And I cannot tell you how many stop lights I stopped at. I usually stop the Garmin at them but I couldn’t be bothered this time so that’ll tell you how much time I waste standing at stop lights. ha.


Also…it was cold.  On the way out it was a beautiful 45* and the wind was at my back (isn’t there a lovely Irish Blessing about that?  yes…yes there is.  And it’s painted on my kitchen wall.

On the way BACK however…the wind was against me and it was cold cold cold.  No beautiful Irish Blessing.  It was bitter and arctic.  Wicked mean.

But the miles got done and I felt so much better.


Today…I registered for the Marine Corps Marathon.  Via the lottery.

This is a big step.  So many days I just sleep.  But I have pulled off thirteen half marathons in a year.

Four marathons in my life.

Two back to back.

I’m a Marathon Maniac.  I think…I can do Marine Corps.

I’m SO praying I get in.  My heart is so ready for it.

I’ve never tried anything I failed at.  Hm…that I can remember.

Oh wait…that damn race in early December at -7 degrees.  A lot of people went through with that race.  My little hypothyroid toes said hell no.

I felt like nothing went right with that race.  Not just the temps.  My Ipod didn’t work.  We all got there so late we ran up AS they were starting.  We had to figure out what to do with our gear.  My Garmin wouldn’t start.  It was just the most convoluted race ever.  And when the cold was seeping in and my toes didn’t work I didn’t even CARE.

That’s it right there.  I just didn’t even care.  I hurt so bad I just wanted to go home.

San Francisco’s redemption race was so much more awesome.

Marine Corps will be great. I can’t wait to hear.  Everyone is ordered to hold your breaths and cross your fingers.  Starting NOW.

Run on and run for your redemption.