Has anyone seen my butt?

Oh my soul I just died laughing.

I was playin’ with the blog…thinkin’ about sleepin’.  Cause that’s where my head is all the time now…And there under widgets...


it’s confession time:

I have NO idea what the hell a widget is. 

Anyway.  As I was looking under “widget” to see if maybe I could figure out what one was by the context I came across the “subscription” box.

Shutthefrontdoor I have a subscription box!

My husband is so cool.  He totally keeps my little blog up and running and not a complete mess.

And check it out.  I have TWO subscribers.  (Two. To. Too. 2. II) Two people actually want to read my blog whenever I post something new.

Okay. So one of them is my husband. Shut up.  We take what we can get.  Ha.  I also cannot do algebra.  I am in fact slightly pathetic.

Good thing I am …

confession #2 (there’s that two again!) not in the least bit competitive.

Oh…you guys knew that about me?  Damn.  Catsoutathebag.

So I always hope people will read me as I think it’s entertaining as hell to write and to hear people’s opinion. But if they don’t, I’ll still be writing because I just currently feel the need.  Like running, I just want it to happen.


My friend Reggie has updated her blog Thailand Found (no you’re not crazy, she changed the name when she got there…) and it’s a FABULOUS read.    Also…I’m so never living in another country with spiders that big. Just sayin’.  Also…people are tired of that phrase, just sayin’. But I find it very convenient.  😉


Has anyone seen my butt?  No really…

Um…I got up this morning and my butt was missing.

It was a sad day. 

I wore leggings and boots with a long sweater to work and while I was doing hair I noticed…

no butt.

It was really quite sad.

It’s just a long schmear.  legthighbutt.

Clearly I need to do some squats.

A lot…of squats.

I’ll start that first thing tomorrow.

Tonight…I sleep.  ::yawn::

Run on Dear Friends…and tackle the hills!  they’re good for your butt.  😉

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