They sucked the life right out of me. It was bound to happen.

Bonus post though you may not want it.

I just left work and flew over to the only pharmacy in Denver that carries my meds which I’m out of.  I made a point to get them sent there on Saturday…they would be ready Sunday.  I’m in. Yay.

I’m not sure why they didn’t auto refill like usual but whatever…this worked.

I find the place no problem  (hey…that actually could be an issue), park and head in there.

Miss Condescending informs me they have nothing…I repeat nothing…again nothing to do with the online pharmacy.  But she can see my scrips (hmm.  Then she must have something to do with it if she can see it) and there is no refill.  Did they say the words “bridge refill” or some such thing to me?

Well, no.  The computer doesn’t actually talk to me.  But I’ve heard some people do have those contraptions.

(Hey…I didn’t actually say that…that would be mean and what’s my rule?? that’s right.  No mean sarcasm.  I only say it in my head).

So I told her no.  I didn’t actually speak to anyone.  I just refilled it and the computer said it would be done on Sunday.

She said it was not there, and I don’t even have one available.  Sorry!

So I tried to call Sean to have him look at the account and tell me what it said…

There’s no service in the pharmacy.  At all.  It’s blocked.

I left and tried to call and he didn’t answer.

At this point I started to cry.  I cannot tell you how many issues I have with my meds and doctors.

I had a really bad doctors appt yesterday and got very frustrated and thought…

I’m done.  Maybe I’ll just stop taking drugs period.  What the hell would happen?  Realistically?

How could I possibly feel worse????

Cried all the way home.  Tried to call my doctor to have him talk me off the ledge.  It’s his day off.

Tried my best friend.  Voice mail.

Tried my sister.  Voicemail.

Pretty full on sobbing now.

What’s my status?  Yep. I really don’t care if I ever refill another drug as long as I live.  Really.


Sorry for the sadness.  I will get over it.  Though I probably will not start taking drugs again.  I’ll have to have a pretty compelling reason. Let’s just say that.

Somewhere if my friend Andrea is reading this she’s doing a snoopy dance. Girl doesn’t even take Advil.