What’s your favorite distance?

So here’s a super quickie update and then we are moving on from what HAS to be the most boring informational post ever.  Make that plural.  I feel like it’s all I TALK about.  I’m over meds, feeling awful,doctors, eating plans, the whole deal.

After much research, discussion, contemplation, more research, epiphanies, and more research…we are preliminarily coming to the conclusion I am probably Hypoglycemic.

Ha. How’s THAT for a positive diagnosis?  Huh? huh?  Can I get a whatWHAT?

I know, right?

I’m not going to go into all the details but suffice it to say I have a hit on a majority of the symptoms AND

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to Hypoglycemia AND

Hypoglycemia can cause your thyroid to be unstable making it difficult for your drugs to level it out.

HELLO. Can I get a whatWHAT?

Yeah. That’s what SHE said.

So I’m going to eat. Not even more regularly…I’m just going to START eating. ha.  I figure that should help.

Then I can add in the “more” regularly. Like…every two hours. My friend Andrea is pretty awesome and is giving me some great guidance.

Meanwhile…after yesterdays fiasco I’ve declared myself off drugs.  I’m over them.  Away from them. Done. Sick to death. Literally.

So…that should be that.

I know I know. geez…listen to you skeptics.  Whatever so it’s Wednesday and I’m over drugs. But I had a really horrible insurance/pharmaceutical/doctor week and I snapped.  We’ll see who wins.  Though I am, as previously established, not competitive.  So don’t put any money on it.

Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along


Let’s talk about things that are far more fun!

What’s your favorite distance to run?? 

Mine is anywhere between 6 and 8 miles.  I love that span right there.  You just send yourself into a lovely little Zen place of quiet comfort as you run each mile.  When you’re done you’ve accomplished something quite lovely and probably found a new part of yourself.

so true, at the end of running miles you find this sudden burst of energy to sprint the last strech and you feel like your floating on air and you cant think about anything but crossing the finish line.

Reborn.  Yes.  Couldn’t have said it better myself.  Thankfully someone else says it for me and posts a lovely photo.


I was scoping out Pinterest for some motivation (sometimes we all need motivation) and happened upon the cutest running tees.  I want this one. 

It’s possible I’m just wanting spring but I run on the treadmill, too and not being weary is my current theme!  LOL


Remember the theme of my blog this morning??  (note to self…don’t forget your squats today)…

tonight my cute son happened upon the following post and I HAD to steal it.  Though my sweet husband is not an ass in the least I thought it was a great giggle considering my mornings post.  (I have to say that…he’s my IT guy)


Today…run your favorite distance at whatever speed you want.  Just enjoy the run.