Sweet List <3

This sounds like a day for a sweet list.


1.  My kid and her husband closed on a home yesterday.  This is such a big step.  I always marvel at people that take it so lightly.  *edited to say they did NOT take it lightly.  They were as stressed as we were when we bought our house. When Sean and bought our house I kept waiting for the news that we wouldn’t ACTUALLY be allowed to have a house. But hey…it was nice that you tried.  😉  Congratulations to them!

2.  It’s official that I’ve been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  After feeling so horrible for so very long I’m disappointed it took 12 years (?), 8 doctors and two of them endocrinologists to bother running the test.  Can I have my life back?  I know…you’re all thinking..~hey there.  Glass is half empty Chick. Bright side?~.  Yes yes and for sure yes.  But I really felt the need to voice this out loud.  My mom and I were thinking of all the things I’ve had issues with.  Unbelievable if this fixes even a few of them. Thank you God for fixing me.

3.  On that note: One of my whackier friends referred me to my doctor and really, it was the road that led to the answer so I have to thank Miss Judi for that.  Plus, I love him.  He’s an awesome doctor.

4.  white cake, raspberry layers, cream cheese frosting. Yes please.

5.  My Eliot came to see me tonight and he’s as obnoxious as ever.  Demanding, short, rude, and overall a little pill.  Ah the memories of three.

6. I just registered for this.

7. Asparagus with olive oil and salt and pepper.  ::drool::

8.  Shopping today!  Kitchen stuff, a new dresser, and a bookcase. Oh darn, I’ve outgrown the three I have and need a new one.  CRAZY!  I do love shopping.

9.  Speaking of which…I finished my Nook book so I must go “shopping” before I treadmill.  Rough life not leaving the house to go to the bookstore.  #lovemyebook #equalopportunitybooklover

10.  I hashtagged twice.  Don’t get used to it.

11.  Hoping to connect with Miss Michelle!  She’s loaning me a book so it’s not set in stone yet but maybe…maybe. As usual it’s not advised to hold your breath but I’m gettin’ a little excited anyway.

12.  I am wearing my beloved sweatshirt this morning as I type.  So worn through I’m afraid to love it too much but I just wanted some emotional comfort as I woke up from bad dreams and a headache.  It’s lovely to sit in this quiet kitchen and have this time.  Takes me back.

13.  this.  Enjoy and don’t forget a kleenex~





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