Was it Monday or WHAT?

Yeah, that’s what I thought!

My first email of the morning from my boss was copied to everyone and it was a giant example of what I had done wrong with a big “this is not how we do this” and a “please be sure you are more prepared” note added on.

Yes. Yes I know Miss Sara.  I love her. But it was a bummer of a way to start the morning. On the upside I didn’t freak out. I tend to shut down completely when these things happen. Instead, I almost laughed at what I had done.  So I shot her an email and explained it was just an error, multiple customers/one of them super high maintenance and she tends to switch things up occasionally.  Obviously it screwed with me.  My apologies.

Moving on.  Oh wait.  AGAIN?

Yep.  Girl is on a roll today.

The rest of the day continued on the same path but I really didn’t care. It was fine and it didn’t bother me. You know what did?  My co worker is seriously always in the worst mood.  She’s one of those people that if she’s mad at someone (anyone!)…you are a target.  That just really brings me down.  I like people to be nice to me.  Just a thing with me.  Don’t yell at me. Don’t boss me around. Don’t demand. Don’t interrogate.  I’m plenty old enough now, it’s called a conversation. I don’t have to explain myself to anyone and I certainly don’t have to take anyone’s general  unpleasant attitude just because they are having a bad day or they maybe don’t get the answer they want from me.

Something I strive for more and more each day to be kinder and calm it does take a strength I don't yet possess.


I’m currently off my thyroid meds and have been for like a week (remember the #pharmacyfail) and I am still adjusting to … well…everything.  So tonight I gave myself a free night and I’m going to bed at 10pm. I can’t remember the last time I did that.

One of the drugs came in the mail today so I guess I’ll start taking them again! How’s THAT for excited, huh??  Yep.  I sound genuinely and downright HAPPY.  Don’t be fooled. It’s just an exclamation point. 😉

Super early meeting in the morning so I think that leaves out a morning run. I’m running tomorrow.  I promise.  I PROMISE>  You guys are so hard core.

And because I love this:

faith quotes - Google Search

Run on.  Take the first step or the 3 millionth step but enjoy a leap of faith.