And so it begins…

Lent I mean.

It’s the beginning of Lent and someone on Facebook asked everyone what they were doing.

I’m giving up gluten.

It’s all I have the energy for right now.

This same overachiever (I can say that because she’s an awesome friend and person in general so she knows I make fun but it’s in love) doesn’t give anything up. She tries to do 40 random acts of kindness.

Is that not the greatest thing ever?

I love random acts of kindness.  What a lovely thought all around.

I hit the trifecta the other day when I was going to my car.

My brother in law used to work at a grocery store and he sometimes had to push carts.  I personally think that would be a horrible job.   Outside on those blizzard days when you are warm in your car or warm in the store? He was the one pushing the carts back into the store.

On this day, out in the cold and wind with the snow  blowing,  I was headed into the store.  I walked past an elderly woman who was done with her cart, so I offered to take it back to the store front for her.  She cheerfully and gratefully gave it to me.

1.  I saved her from having to do something with it, it was SO cold.

2.  I saved a cart pusher from having to grab it and take it to the front, it’s not much but one less cart.

3.  At the front of the store there were no more carts…I gave it to the next person who was waiting for one (I just needed a little basket).

Boom.  The trifecta in one fell swoop. Kind of ridiculous it made me so happy but it did.  I got huge smiles and thank you’s from two people and the third won’t know what I did,  but I know. And that’s what mattered.


So in the spirit of Lent, here is a small suggested list of  Random Acts of Kindness.  They can be used or they can be tweaked or they can be tossed out for one of your own or hell…you can give up chocolate.  Nothin’ wrong with that.  These are all just ideas.  I just love RAK’s. 

  • donate to your local animal shelter
  • give blood*
  • when you’re out shoveling (please God let that be over soon) go a little further and get your neighbors’ walk, too
  • Comment on a smaller, new blog.
  • Tip your server just that extra little bit.  It’s not that much in the grand scheme but you’ll probably make them smile or even make their day.
  • return your shopping cart
  • donate some blankets to the shelter
  • bring up your neighbors trash can
  • give a compliment
  • donate food to the food bank
  • pick up litter
  • Have a good experience?  Share it with their supervisor.
  • Bring donuts/bagels to work
  • One more…write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life.

*I talk big about donating blood but the only one in our family that can is MT. The rest of us lived overseas during the mad cow situation so we’ve been told we cannot.  It’s sad, we’ve all tried multiple times.  Alas, I encourage everyone else to.

Random acts of kindness


I ended up having to work an extremely long day today and I had a million things to do so my promise of running did not happen.  Sleep happened.  But tomorrow I’m on!  Hey.  I get to keep saying that until it happens. LOL


I am, as we “speak” (it’s 1am), talking to the darling Miss Regina who I haven’t talked to in forEVER.  Ugh I missed her desperately.  Some nerve leaving me for Thailand.


It’s 2am now. I’m going to bed. Must stop talking to the Regmeister. The Regmachine. Regster. ::tearingmyselfaway::

But I love her so.

Happiness is running with a friend!! Love you Kelby!!

Run on Friends.  And run with a friend.



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  1. It’s a great little plan, right? What a lovely way to make you feel. It’s a popular thing to do for Lent now and I think it’s refreshingly different than giving up chocolate. 😉 Keep me posted on the fun you have!

  2. I miss you too! Thank you for staying up so late to talk with me!! I think about you ever morning when I am running.

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