A night with Diane Van Deren

First let me say I started my day with a quick two mile run. (yay me! I was super late so I had to cut my run short)

Now let me say that’s embarrassingly short considering I ended my day with the most unreal but fascinating evening at the Highlands Ranch Library to hear Diane Van Deren speak.

She’s an amazing ultra runner who left us speechless with her endeavors.  However, it’s nearly 1am and I am exhausted so I’m linking the Runner’s World article about her here on the blog and you can read up on that and I’ll talk a little more about her and her library visit tomorrow.  Really.  We were in awe of the woman.

I’ll say this, she ran like…400+ miles (incredible) and in -60*.   Today I ran 2 miles and complained bitterly about the cold in the library (it gave me a migraine, don’t they heat that place?).  She’s a rockstar. No words.  Really.

Fixing Diane’s Brain ~ Runner’s World

It’s been a lovely warm day in Colorado…tomorrow….snow.

LOL. Welcome Spring.

I love running by myself because its "my run." Runnin' with others just ain't my thing!

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