Still running.

I DID get a run in yesterday.  Ladies and gentlemen (do any gentlemen READ my blog? oh wait…my boys sometimes do.  Boys meaning husband and kids) this means TWO days in a row.  HA.

Stop the presses.

Call the Pentagon.

Alert Runners World.

We’ve got a streak.

I got up today with all intentions of running and then remembered I did not get my post written so…

I chose you guys instead. I KNOW>>>

Don’tcha feel LOVED??


I will treadmill later OR I will get off work and throw out three quick miles in some nice weather.  I have somewhere to be this afternoon so we’ll see if it gets done before or after.


I ran four miles yesterday. FOUR.  I wanted to do five but it was cold. And man, I’m not kidding. Yikes.  It started out warm but that damn weather turned on me like cat about to have it’s snack taken away.  Vicious.

Four isn’t bad though and I was super grateful to get it done.

We stayed up late and put most of the livingroom back together.  It looks amazing and it’s so nice to have my house not in chaos anymore.

So let’s recap:

I actually managed a real breakfast yesterday.

Left work on time (this IS a miracle).

Stopped and ran an errand!

Got home and ate lunch/dinner.

Went for a run.

Put the livingroom back together.

Went to bed at a decent hour (re:before midnight).  Yes People.  I lived through an entire day.

Now…I know this is a normal persons day.  And for me…this is actually at the very least a normal day.  I could do this and run three more errands.  But since I got sick I usually just go home from work, maybe eat, definitely sleep.  That’s it.

Yesterday was a success.

Let me stress I made myself do those things. I really really really wanted to sleep. LOL.  But I figure if I power through maybe it’ll kick in.


I figure it’s time to open up a page about Celiac so I can put up the research about it.  I’ll do that as soon as I wake up. LOL

You can look for that in the future.  I don’t advise ACTUALLY holding your breath.  🙂

I’m very sorry for those of you that have snow today!  Spring is coming!

Run on … one slow or fast step at a time.  Run on. 


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  1. Hoot Hoot!! for a “normal” day. I hope “normal” becomes more of a reality for you !!!!!!!

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