Wanna know what I did??

Not one thing by myself.  But with a perfect strangers help and God giving me a little guidance and some … let’s face it… courage to go the extra mile and face the people that would totally laugh at me…I helped someone.  I KNOW!  Wait.  You haven’t heard what I did yet and it did require me to get…involved.

Here’s my good deed for the day.

Though it’s taken me a freakin’ week, I haven’t even considered for a second that I did it alone and I’m not done yet.

We had a situation with an elderly woman at our bank, one of our regular customers.  I felt it was thoroughly and unbelievably wrong. I couldn’t get it out of my head.  My co workers and I discussed it and though I could see they wanted nothing to do with it, I could also see they recognized it was wrong and wouldn’t give me a hard time for doing something.

My cynical police officer friends were another story, so I opted to not talk to them about it.  I LOVE my police officer friends.  But they have a hard job and they see a lot.  They get to cynical pretty legitimately.

I opted to help her. It didn’t go as planned and as I was still stuck and felt this was really really a wrong situation, I contacted the local news.  The producer there was UNBELIEVABLY helpful and I love her.   We didn’t get the exact result we wanted and in fact we are still working on it. She’s sent me probably 30 emails, we’ve emailed back and forth all day long.   She’s forwarding everything and making sure she is the go between so they can’t screw with either of us anymore.

This woman I’m helping has no money until the end of the month and a 5 year old to support.  So yep, Sean and I are going to help her out.  In case you haven’t been reading my blog long,  My husband is awesome because he puts up with me and my “overinvolved”.  He’s awesome anyway.  He’s smart and funny and has a beautiful heart. There is no one luckier than I am.  Mm. Unless he’s in traffic. Geez.  Don’t get him in rush hour traffic. It’s not pretty.

She told me I have a kind heart.  It was  sweet of her to say.  But I really just want everyone to remember…

there but for the Grace of God goes your mother, your grandmother, your family.

And yes, buying the stranger behind you in the Starbucks is a thoughtful random act of kindness.  Please don’t let me discount ANY act you do.  I myself was thrilled to let someone in today who got stuck behind a bus in the bus lane (don’t you hate that?). I even got a wave for my trouble!  But don’t forget that sometimes “getting involved” could keep someone off the street.

People take advantage of the elderly all the time because they can.  We need to step up and be an advocate instead of rolling our eyes and going on about why they would fall for that scam.

And so your motivation for the day is thus:


This motivation is brought to you by R.J.Palacio from the book Wonder

It was introduced to me by the fabulous Miss Marianne.  She’s a producer at Denver’s 7news and she’s been nothing short of amazing from the beginning.  She stepped up, then she kept at it and she hasn’t quit and it’s been awesome to know we have someone helping when so many are not. And in the midst of it she gave me this quote.  It was perfectly timed, helped me through my day, and while you’re at it if you’re in Denver watch Channel 7.  You can bet you’re sweet butt I am.


4 Replies to “Wanna know what I did??”

  1. Buddhist believe that kindness is a glue that holds the universe together. I am so glad you had a chance to be the glue. It is truly one of the most joyful experiences isnt it? It fills your souls well.

    1. Lovely! And thank you! It truly is. This whole week has been an unexpected treat that I thought was going to go horribly wrong and instead with the kindness of strangers it has gone beautifully right. It’s been great. One person helped. Check.

  2. Super glad to hear your journey this week was made better by you doing better than what was put to this woman. By focusing your efforts to help I hope your struggles were lessend a little.

  3. Always! I’m one of those pathetic do-gooders anyway (feel free to roll your eyes. My own kids do!) but even I sometimes have to take a step back and ask…should I get involved? And sometimes the answer is so obvious it’s just…yes. It takes nothing out of my day to ask a few questions and see if I can correct this. And I can feel so much better. Have an awesome day Miss Tess. 🙂

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