I’ve got a friend…

I have a new friend on Facebook (have I mentioned him before?).  My Thailand friend, Reggie, introduced us.  His name is Mark and he is shaming me every single day.  It’s quite sad, really.

He had made it his goal to run 1000 miles in 2014 so he has to run 2.7 miles every single day.  My math must be off because that doesn’t quite add up to 1000 but I figure he’s adjusting for long runs. Anyway, the man runs at least that every day.

I have a lot of running friends and they come in at a variety of speeds and mileage.  But I would say the majority that post are posting some impressive speeds and some high mileage.  It’s refreshing to see someone post that he finished 2.7 miles today.  That’s so…doable. He ran and he’s proud of it. Some days he runs far more than that but even if he does the 2.7…it’s there.

It’s awesome.  I love it. It’s so freaking inspiring it’s totally getting me off my tired exhausting yawning butt.

Okay, slowly. But I can feel it.


I woke up about 3am with a wicked wicked migraine.  It hurt too much to move so I just stayed in bed.  I did eventually get drugs but when they are that bad it usually hangs around.  So I took some meds and slept ~but man, it hung around.

I really wanted to run so I jumped on the treadmill at midnight tonight and threw out a pathetic mile!  I was hoping it would be two and half or three but every freaking step pounded my head so I thanked the Lord above for my mile and called it good.

And while I’m at it…

Thanks Mark..for the motivation.


I can do this! (motivational quotes)

Run on on Friends. And let someone motivate you today.

6 Replies to “I’ve got a friend…”

  1. Did you see that new device on TV for migraines? I guess it fits around your head. Check it out, saw it on the Doctors.

  2. I totally saw it! Isn’t that crazy? Yep. I’ll be looking into it. Yesterdays was definitely not a normal one. It was determined to set me back. So unfriendly.

    1. Hi Mary! That’s just not an easy answer.
      The short answer is I’m not sure yet.
      The long answer is this. I’ve had migraines since I was a little kid and we don’t know how long I’ve been celiac. So I’ve only been gluten free for a few weeks and I’m still not feeling awesome, right?
      However…I’m tentatively going to say I got glutened this weekend and also had the worst migraine. Connected? Maybe. Enough to write it down and keep a note of it.
      Thanks for asking!

        1. Agreed. I know I have migraines with obvious triggers that I need to avoid. Not enough sleep, extreme temperatures, extreme exercise, things like that. But the gluten thing…that’s new. We’ll see if that’s going to affect it. If it cuts some of them out it would be SO nice.

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