Oh my oh my oh my.

I think I may be feeling a tad better.


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Hey.  I said DON’T get excited.

We are rule followers on this site. With the following exceptions, we like rules that are logical, keep things rolling smoothly and make sense:

  1. We think the rule is stupid
  2. Someone told us the rule is mandatory and we have to follow it.  Um…that’s totally going to make us not want to hello…don’t you know we’re from MT?  We don’t like to be told what to do.
  3. Our mom said we don’t have to (see reason 1.)


I got very little sleep last night and yet…did not feel horrible all day.  I also didn’t crash!  I did sleep in the evening but it was more preemptive.  I knew I’d be up late and I wanted to avoid the crash.

The crash:  Usually about 3:30 but as late as 5pm I will begin with a yawn and within maybe 10 minutes I can’t think clearly.  I’ve reached that level of exhausted you have when your newborn hasn’t slept in four days so you haven’t either.  I get nauseated.  If I’m standing, I need to sit because I get dizzy and I will literally put my head down and sleep right where I sit.  It’s the craziest thing ever.  I avoid driving during these times unless I have someone with me.

Day one?

Or a fluke?

Only her hairdresser knows for sure…

Ha.  I’m so older than anyone here that may know that reference.

Here’s an interesting factoid. I just Googled that and it’s old enough that I shouldn’t know that reference.


I am pretty psyched to see what day two has in store for us.


it’s Marine Corps Marathon Lottery day.  It’s 12:34am and I still don’t have an email. SO WRONG.

Although the website says it could come anytime during the day so…I could perhaps be a little overanxious.

Especially since if I don’t get in by lottery I’ll charity in which would so not be horrible. It would be a lovely way to run the race. There’s just less pressure this way.

So if anyone wants to cross their fingers and toes…I’d appreciate it!  Seems a little wrong to have you pray for me that I get in. So just maybe a little good luck would be nice. Thanks!

Update: It’s 1:26pm and I have not been notified either way but at this point, I’m not in.  Sad day.  No worries!  There are wonderful charities I can go through. 


In case you’re keeping track…it’s 12:47am and I still don’t have an email. ::nervous::

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I ended up chatting for several hours with a few friends (to include Regina herself) so I chatted myself right out of running.  Plus Sean is sick so I’m on home/driving/cooking/running the place duty.  He always takes his fair share so I’m a little off my schedule. Not a lot, for sure. He’s the easiest sick person. And for heavens’ sake make sure you have Chicken Noodle Soup in the house. The original. God forbid they ever stop making it. So I’m sleeping in the guest room and wearing my beloved sweatshirt to comfort me.


It’s supposed to be beautiful today so Run on Friends and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

This Find Yourself Go Run poster ($30-$45) isn't just inspiring — it's pretty to look at too.

1:18AM Goodnight. 🙂


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