Two full days, People. Two.

Two.  Yep. That’s right.  Two.

Two days of feeling really awesome.  Holy cow this might work.

Now, let’s just clear a few things up. I did sleep again.  But I also got only about 3-4 hours of sleep last night and I had a terrible terrible day.  MCM lottery notwithstanding (I totally didn’t plan for that so my heart wasn’t set on it) I just had a little hope, right? But it was just one of those…days.

Such a bummer, too, since I didn’t feel so horrible I wanted to really love the day.

I even splurged on a pedicure (much MUCH needed by the way) and the new nail girl was…shall we say…not as kind as the old nail girl.  I don’t love her.  So I think I will be finding a new new nail girl as I don’t love paying for services that make me cry.  Yes, that’s me. Sensitivity queen. Depending on what it is of course.   Hurt my feelings and there it is. Rightthereonthesurface.  It’s glorious. I cry.


Nothing ticks me off more than a migraine I brought on myself with tears.


I have a dr appt in the morning and the realization of all I have wrong with me (which in the grand scheme is really not that much but it was that day) hit me and I burst into tears and went to bed.

My poor husband.

Speaking of Oh Awesome One. He has had the stomach flu (thanks Eliot) and was sick sick sick. But today feels MUCH better and I am so grateful. It’s really hard to see him sick. I think MT has it now though. 🙁   Let’s hope not.


I asked my boss for time off this week.  One day to come in late and one day to leave early.  I’m sure she’s thinking…seriously?  But it’s all doctors appts and for non part timers they get PTO but for part timers we have to work around things.  She’s really awesome and will have no problem with it but I feel bad anyway. And I’m anticipating several more after tomorrow’s appt.  Maybe I’ll buy her a coffee first…



This is a really tough one to admit.  My heart is no longer with the MCM. I need some inspiration.  Motivation. Something. I had a plan for it and over the last few weeks it’s changed a lot.  Now I feel like it’s not the right year.  I don’t know.  We have a lot up in the air right now so maybe I just need to hold my breath.  🙁  I could commit to the 10k just so I can guarantee seeing my friends and plan the marathon for a year when my family can go with me.  It feels weird to do something so emotional, I know it’s going to be emotional, and not have anyone with me.
I’ll have to think about it. Updates following on that FOR SURE>

So often I am reading what I am typing and all I can think is 'how are my fingers going to get my character out of that!'

I am living and man its weird but I love it

Have an amazing day Baby.  Run on. Run on.

4 Replies to “Two full days, People. Two.”

  1. Hang in there girl!!!!! Sometimes a good cry helps for no other reason but to get out lots of emotion!!!!!

  2. Thank you Tess. I SWEAR I’m not usually an emotional wreck. This has been a roller coaster of a few months. I told Sean I feel like a troll. Could ONE MORE THING be wrong with me. Hence, the tears. It happens. It’s bound to happen less if I’m going to be feeling better. Right? Positive thinking right there…positive thinking!

  3. Did you get my message about the “device” for migraines? I’m sorry you feel so bad, it makes me sad. I hope you get better soon and I love you.

    1. I did! I’m sorry you didn’t see my reply! I will definitely be checking it out. Random though it is, I’ll look into anything that makes me feel better. Thanks!!

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