We’ve reached hysterical laughter.

So a few weeks ago I was showering and came across a raised red spot on the back of my leg about the size of a dime.

Well that’ll just getcher attention, now won’t it?

I forgot about it. ADD and all.

Early this week I remembered and Sean and I decided I needed to have it looked at.

So on the way to the doctor I took stock of the whole situation.

Warning:: TMI


Let’s start with The Mole

The undereye circles that are actually deep cavities into another universe.

The stretch marks and scar from emergency surgery across my stomach…or the map of the United States.  It could pass for either.

The Hypothyroidism/Celiac that results in constipation and or diarrhea depending on the hour or day.

The raised red spot on the back of my leg.

The bruises up and down all of me that range in size from 1/2″ to 3″.

Let’s not forget my runners feet.  I currently have all 10 toenails but one of them…definitely iffy.

Bumps heading one way on one foot, the other foot more bumps going the other way.  Oh man, no pedicure can fix this.

I am ROCKING. the. sexy.  My husband can’t keep his hands off me.


I have a friend with very similar issues as I have and her and I have reached the same point in the last few days. Just a giant funk of frustration.  I felt so bad for her because I finally had a diagnosis and she is still working on it.  Of course, this is before I went to the doctor.  But still, she has a LOT going on in her life and I just want her to have some peace. It’s an important time in her life and to feel good would be so awesome right now.  But between her medical non-answers and my medical non-answers and then my issues that continue to come up I finally said I’m done.  She said we clearly can only laugh at it at this point.

Uh…hysterical laughter maybe.


The Dr gave me something for the spot on my leg and seems to be unimpressed with it.  If it turns into anything more serious, I’ll keep you posted Mom.  😉

He also doesn’t think I have Celiac.  He thinks it’s something else entirely and this is too trendy.  He says, “I guess we’ll see after the biopsy”.  Ugh.  I do like him but this was not my favorite visit. Way to screw with my head. Since the biopsy hasn’t even been scheduled yet we’re going with Celiac  anyway.  I don’t have enough to worry about.

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Happy International Day of Happiness!…belatedly.

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  1. Goog Grief!!! Someone has to get some answers for you. Hopefully soon. What is with the bruises, I never heard about bruises.

  2. You know I’ve always bruised really easily and before he didn’t care. Apparently this time he could see them and it got his attention.

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