Confessions on a Friday night.

Don’t get too excited.  It just happened to be Friday night when I randomly thought to do confessions.

I opened the refrigerator the other day and saw the sour cream and thought…”I should do a confessions post. I feel the need to confess my sour cream issues”.

I have a serious sour cream issue.  I am always afraid the sour cream is bad. I refuse to taste it so I always buy another one just in case resulting in four or five containers in the refrigerator at a time.  Always the question…which one is the open one…which one is the freshest?  Pretty much makes my husband nuts.

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I cannot let a phone just  ring.  I will answer it no matter what.  At work if someone  has left their desk…I’ll answer for them. People now call me to find out where everyone is.  At home my cell is next to my bed so I’m always reachable.  I’ve always been this way but of course, it became much more pronounced after Alex’s accident in 2008.  I always answer.  If I don’t, I probably had it on silent by accident.  I’ll call you back. I always return calls and I always listen to VM.

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I am not a fan of cooking. This may not be a shock to some of you. Damn.  I was hoping I’d disguised it pretty well. Like…if I never had to do it again…well…okay I might want to once in a awhile just to have control in my world but for the most part…not so great. I want someone else to do it, but I want to eat what I want. So essentially I want a chef who will cook me what I want when I want it. Yep, I said it.  It is a confessions post after all. 🙂

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I am a television/movie freak. I love movies.  I always have the television on.  My favorite thing to do is spend a Saturday watching movies all day while I putter on the computer or around the house.  On that note…one of my least favorite movies of all time, The Notebook.   I do not see what the big deal was there.  

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I love vegetables but not warm and in things. Bleah.  So you know those little cut up carrots and peas you get in things like soups and Panda Express bowls and pot pies (really how long has it been since you had a pot pie if ever?)… I take out all those little vegetables. They are gross.  I do not do squishy.  Sean always laughs because there will be a tiny little pile of carrots and peas next to my dinner.  I like good clean crisp cold vegetables. And not in things.


Last one!

The song “Jump Around” (by House of Pain no less) makes my head scream and I have to turn the radio off every time I hear it.  Seriously, I know so many people that love it but what the hell is the redeeming quality to that screaming noise?  My co workers are now trained to reach for the radio and hit the button when they hear it.