Training Day.

So today was day one of actual training. Something I by nature do not do because, well, we plan and God laughs.

And this is what happened…

I only had three little miles to do and instead of doing it right after work I got sucked into MT’s project for school.

The boys watched television late into the evening and I finally gave up all thoughts of treadmilling because MT showed no signs of moving. Pillow, blanket, computer, water bottle.

Hell, he could live there for a few days. It’s only four steps from the restroom and it’s spring break. I could frisbee him some quesadilla’s and he’d be set. He probably WILL live there for a few days.

lazy animated GIF


lazy animated GIF


And because it’s hilarious…

cat animated GIF

Clearly it’s time to adjust my plan.

Either get up earlier, run after work or go to the gym but make up your mind and quit griping about it.

So I am.  Technically I am not really off yet, I had already adjusted my plan so I’ll just put it back in place and move forward.


Today Runner’s World posted a new humorous motivation photo.

I didn’t really think it was very funny.  I thought it was stirring up trouble.  They hit on a touchy touchy subject.  I’m surprised they event went there.

Runners can either be the most supportive group of people you’ll ever meet or put them in a race and hell hell hell if you break an etiquette rule.  You will be reamed.

The Facebook comments were condemning to say the least.  Let me list the ways:

  • runners who stop abruptly to adjust their iPod
  • while we’re going there…runners (can we really call them runners~ under the circumstances?) who *sigh* run with music.
  • runners who stop abruptly to take a selfie
  • runners who stop abruptly to tie their shoe
  • runners who stop too abruptly to walk through a water stop
  • runners who have the nerve to walk through a water stop (a totally separate thing, by the way)
  • runners who bring their dog to a race that allows dogs
  • runners who bring their strollers (and presumably their children) to the race
  • people who answer their phone while running
  • people texting while running
  • wearing shorts over tights (yep. that was in there…who the hell cares what you’re wearing? As long as your covered everywhere important of course)
  • people who run/walk three or four abreast making passing difficult
  • No headphones, just blast the mP3 for all to enjoy (uh…seriously? people do this?)
  • people who spit without direction (this is actually pretty valid)
  • walkers in the front of the chute
  • plenty of grumbles about the Disney races for these infractions
  • One guy asked Runner’s World to compile an Etiquette List and was kind enough to offer his services to assist them.  He should keep his phone handy.  You can bet they are calling any minute now. Dude.
  • Galloway walkers were pretty frowned upon. And I am using a polite term. A lot of people do not enjoy the Galloway walkers.
  • people starting in corrals not assigned to them
  • sprinting from the start to just past the photographer, then coming to a slow walk.
  • One guy complained because people ran through the water station 3/4 of the way and then DECIDED they needed water.  OR Genius, they’ve been taught to not grab the first water but to run through and go towards the back to help spread the love.  *meansarcasmshoweditself* Sorry Guys.
  • Kids that sprint then walk, sprint/walk in a race (could you reign your three year old in please? Geez…damn kids having fun)
  • runners who run from one side of the road to the other when they see a friend (usually screaming with delight and joy. Bastards)
  • group action shots and sight seeing photos on the fly

I bet you’re wondering where I’m going with this…

Oh my Lord People. Just freaking go have a good time.  What is your problem?  Why does everyone have to be so mean? *thankyoutaylorswift*

These people have found the MOST idiotic, MOST ridiculous and MOST nitpicking things to gripe about. All the griping does is  steal your running joy.  Examine each race and anticipate the issues and guess what…some of these issues will be faced in every race.  Accept it and move on or don’t race.

Also…Of that incredible list that gives runners a really bad name mostly for it’s creation…I do have to pick a one out.

Please look before you spit.

And to all the people who tell you to “move to the side to not be in anyone’s way”…how do you do that in a Rock N Roll race with 40,000 runners?  Where exactly IS not in anyone’s way?

I was disappointed in Runner’s World because I felt like this poster simply created one more forum for people to complain and be mean.  Ridiculous.  What a disappointing experience as a runner.  On one hand they have each other’s back, but don’t freakin’ stop in front of me. Oh HELL no. No forgiveness.  Mistakes will be made.  Try forgiveness.  It’ll feel so much better.

Mean People Suck!!! You know who you are!!

Reciprocity, People.  Give it a try.

So I bid you good night and a wish for a good run.

Run on and run with courtesy and grace.  Every day we do our best, right?



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  1. GREAT post. Funny and true all at the same time……Enjoy the moment and live like a child! (with courtesy and grace)

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