I did a little runnin’

Don’t get excited.  It was really really a little runnin’.

I ran 3.11 miles and it took me 33 minutes on the treadmill.  It was midnight, in my defense. I was pretty tired. But I had to stop a few times because I was watching Parenthood on the Chromebook (a handy little device) and Amazon kept freezing.

I did eventually finish…I tacked on the .11 at the end so I could justify the few times I stopped.  Oh man it felt so good.  My sad/crying/depressed/frustrated self is immediately better once that happens.

happy animated GIF

I just have to remind myself that no matter how exhausted I am…I have to force myself to do it.

It is hard. Not gonna lie. I was yawning as I got on the machine.  I picked up pretty quick though and it was worth it.

Consistency is the key Baby.  I have this dumb awesome training plan and I need to try and follow it.

Also…I’ve signed up for a freaking lot of races! LOL.  I am a complete addict.  I love the experience.  I don’t want the medal, I don’t want the t shirt, I just want the course and I can’t run it unless they’ve paid someone to block it off for me. So there you go.

Now I’m headed to bed but I leave you with this…

Run on Friends.  And maybe find yourselves while you’re out there.

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