Saturday Sweets

Short Sweets

*just a quickie*

1. I zipped off to see Miss Anna this morning and get my hair done.  This does several things for me.

  • my hair looks so much better
  • several hours in the car in solitude. I love solitude
  • I get to listen to podcasts or books all the way there.

2.  scrambled eggs for breakfast.

3.  Movie night with the boys.

4.  cupcakes.  One of my bosses went out of her way to bring me gluten free cupcakes from a divine bakery in Denver. SO delicious.

5.  stole a “salad” idea from my boss.  I cut up an orange bell pepper, an avocado and a tomato and stirred it together with a sprinkle of lemon juice. Delicious.  If I grilled a chicken breast and added that I think it would have been even more perfect.

6.  I’ve been sick all day, so to spend the day just hanging around the house and spending time with my boys was perfect. #lovetheseboys

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2 Replies to “Saturday Sweets”

  1. Oh Tess. You are so kind. I never said my hair would be pretty. LOL. It just doesn’t look at bad as it did before! hahaha. We had to choose a basic color instead of highlights so it isn’t stripped anymore because it’s breaking so much! And we went short short. Hopefully it starts to heal soon.

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