Harry Potter has my heart. <3

So I accidentally sent something to my spam folder and when I popped in there to retrieve it…I found comments from my blog!  I’m so sorry if I ever missed anyone.  We’ve had a chat now and things should be on better behavior. #sorude


Whatever was wrong with me Saturday was a little leftover Sunday.  I didn’t love it.  So instead of running (which I so very much miss) I spent about 30 minutes doing some yoga.  My body so appreciated it!


Sean and I were going to head up to the Shrine of Cabrini and instead Sean broke the internets.

All of the internets. It was sad.

I also spent the whole day listening to MT harass me about saying that.  Whatever Dude.

And because he’s a TAD obsessed like I am…he had to fix the internets. So off we went to Target to pick up a new router.  And of course…get a little shopping in for Miss Reginapants.  I bet she LOVES it when I call her different names. 😉

Too much money later…(uh, it’s possible I bought a few things for myself ::sheepish look::) we head out to the car and as we are driving away Sean says, “we have a flat tire.”

He was not kidding. That sucker was toast. We had hit some kind of nail that had a horrible accident and it ripped our tire right up.  So we spent our afternoon in the Target parking lot while I watched my cute husband change a tire.
Isn’t that how everyone wants to spend their Sunday?


I spent my evening working diligently on a photo book of my grandparents house. One of those projects that just needs to get done.  I’m soclose. 


On another note:  I spent the entire weekend watching the Harry Potter movies.  I never tire of watching these movies and could stop right now and watch again. I love them.

The best parts to watch and yes, some of them make me cry.  In no particular order because that’s the way my brain works.

  • The sorting hat putting Harry in Slytherin until Harry asks for Gryffindor
  • Sirius dies.  Ugh. Harry is so lost and sad.
  • Harry sees Snape’s memories and sees Dumbledore for who he was  #brokemyheart
  • When Snape dies and Harry is there to hold his head and see that he isn’t who they all thought he was.
  • Nevelle killing the snake.  Anytime Nevelle is the hero.
  • Any scene Luna is in. I love her.
  • Oh…when the Patronus comes and shows Harry the way to the sword
  • Harry summoning a Patronus on the train against the dementors
  • Oh!  When Draco’s mom quietly asks Harry Potter if her son is still alive and he subtly nods. I love that.  Nothing comes between a mother and her kid. Not even Voldemort.
  • On that note:  When the Malfoy family walks quickly away from the final battle scene.
  • The scene when Harry tells his son, Snape and Dumbedore’s namesake, that Snape was the “bravest man he ever knew”.  *melt*  I loved that.  I always knew Snape was good.

Okay…I could go on and on and on.  It’s clear I’m obsessed with the movies. My kids loved them. The books have been read multiple times by all of us.  What a gift to the literary world.

and forever.

Run on, Friends.  And if you get a chance…read a good book.  It may change your life.