I lied. Sean has my heart.

Every day when I get off work, I call my husband. Every day.

I’m certain he’s busy.

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I’m positive he’s focused on his work.

It’s guaranteed he’s trying to get whatever he’s doing done so he can get home.

and yet…he answers the phone so he can talk to me about File Maintenance.

It may or may not be the only time I talk to him that day.  Usually only one of several times. There’s something about hearing his voice that makes my heart leap.

When I turn the corner and see his car or when I hear the garage and his motorcycle…I’m happy.  My day is just better right there.

True love is worth any obstacle life may throw at you. God's will is most important and His timing is perfect :)


Yoga tonight to continue some strength and stretches.  It’s good for my ITband, too.  I did something to my back (I think on Friday, it hurt all weekend which really helped with my other issue, too! LOL) so I was kind of down and out for those two days.  Today I’m feeling better but my back is killing me.  I think I lifted a box (of file maintenance ironically) at work and between that and my teller drawer it sent me over the edge. Shoulda lifted with my legs.  LOL.

Hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow. Or more drugs.

Or both!

Okay, not really.


Whatever I ate this last weekend that glutened me made me so sick I have been really uncomfortable for days.  I finally thought I was better and yes…I picked up some Twizzlers to munch on. Comfort food. I’m casually reading the label and there it is. The second ingredient. Wheat.

Here’s the funny thing. We have Twizzlers at my work and I eat at least one little individual serving size every other day probably.  I get that they are tiny but still…total gluten.  So hello…why no reaction until now?

And let me tell you…did I have a reaction.

Today (this morning…my blog writing has taken a back seat to I just don’t feel good and can no longer think to write) I am finally feeling a modicum of relief. What the what??

I am so scared to eat I am not even hungry.

So that’s my “health update” for the week.

Tomorrow back to joy!

Tonight we run!


6 Replies to “I lied. Sean has my heart.”

  1. I swear there are twirlers that say gluten free on the package….did you eat a different brand or flavor? Or maybe I’m remembering wrong…

    1. Twirlers? Or Twizzlers? Truth be told it was Twizzler bites that I was eating. But upon googling they definitely have gluten. I have learned my lesson.

      I’m still supposed to be eating gluten but after this weekend I want nothing to do with it so I’m not sure what to do.

  2. Aww such a sweet poem and such sweet emotions for your husband. I feel that way MOST (;)) of the time about my husband too. NOT SO SWEET about the
    Twizzlers….wheat in twizzlers? yuck

    1. Thank you Tess. I like him a lot. Foolishly I always have. He’s very good to me.

      I agree though….NOT SO SWEET about the Twizzlers. Totally my fault for not googling but I could have sworn I had already checked them out so I feel so dumb that I was fooled. Ugh. And yes…yuck. I do love them though…

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